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Looks like it, yeah.
Sun Oct 8, 2017 14:49

Well, Raine was clearly not okay, but knowing this proved less helpful than Joe could have hoped. He still, for instance, had no idea what to do to fix the problem. The last time he’d been party to a scene where someone was having a helpless, frustrated meltdown, he’d been the party losing his composure, and the circumstances here were kind of different. This was a normal situation, not one of the Dostoevskian upheavals John and Julian liked to make him an unwilling third or fourth party to, and while he knew some pious-sounding gibberish his mother would have approved of using here, he strongly doubted it would actually prove effective with a real person, and plus he was kind of worried about Kyte getting entirely the wrong idea and coming over here and hitting him without stopping to check out what was actually going on….

“Hey, hey,” he said, trying to sound more reassuring than slightly unnerved. “Is it the test? We’re not even halfway through half the year yet.”

This was, of course, factually true, but still - Joe doubted its effectiveness. He was a bit nervous about the CATS, but still - there was no doubt in his mind that he was going to pass all of them, and no real point to pretending otherwise. There was a long way between knowing for an absolute fact that he was not as smart as John and genuinely worrying that he wasn’t capable of performing well. He didn’t even know exactly what Raine’s problem was - whether, basically, it was nerves or a product of a lack of education before Sonora or if she had some kind of learning disability or what. He knew in the abstract that these things were problems that existed, but he didn’t know people who had them - at least not that he knew - or how to be helpful. He couldn't exactly make her a cup of tea in the middle of class….

“And you’ve got this far, yeah?” he tried, but this felt inadequate too. “You want to take a walk or something?” he offered as his last effort, figuring that just removing the stress-inducing situation might support an improvement if all else failed.

  • Raine actually took a glance over the grass in front of them. Part of her sort of saw Joe’s point but it was still hard to let that filter through the blind fog of panic that said she was too stupid... more
    • Looks like it, yeah. - Joe, Sun Oct 8 14:49
      • “No. I mean, sort of…. But it’s not just the test,” Raine tried to explain. It wasn’t the test, or Joe or Professor Xavier or anyone or anything else’s fault that she was thick. “It’s me… I can’t do... more
        • Whatever works, I guess? - Joe, Sun Oct 22 10:16
          That it wasn’t just the test sparking a near-breakdown was, Joe thought, a simple enough concept to grasp – it rarely was, he thought, ever really just one thing, even if one thing was the thing that ... more
          • I just need some way to unwind... - Raine, Sun Oct 22 11:57
            Raine watched Joe’s little note wing its way to the Professor. It was not met immediately with rage at their sheer presumption and the barring of the greenhouse door. Again, this was difficult to... more
            • Professor Xavier was a concern, but not a large one, really. The Head of Teppenpaw was mild-mannered - the sort of person Joe tended to assume would not strongly oppose anything remotely reasonable... more
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