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Right, so if the exam questions are riddles, I'll be ok
Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:55

“No. I mean, sort of…. But it’s not just the test,” Raine tried to explain. It wasn’t the test, or Joe or Professor Xavier or anyone or anything else’s fault that she was thick. “It’s me… I can’t do any of it. And I’ve tried telling myself it doesn’t matter - I already know what I’ll do when I grow up, and none of this is going to feature. But I have to get there first. I have to keep meeting all these requirements,” she tried to explain, cutting herself off before she started ranting. She didn’t need these things. She was sick of hoops, of having to meet someone else’s ideals of what was valuable and important but was so far from where her actual focus, in her mind, needed to be. But she was just a child, and a stupid child to boot. No one cared what she thought of the system, or the fact that it didn’t fit her. It refused to change. It had been deemed right by certain experts, and the only option was for her to fit it, because it sure as hell wasn’t going to change for her benefit.

She gave a half-hearted nod at Joe’s assurance that she’d got this far. She had scraped by. Her practical work in most subjects was solid enough to drag up her abysmal theory grades, besides which she had the feeling that most of the teachers just didn’t want to fail her or have to deal with the hassle of having her repeat a year. There was something so much more daunting though about a national exam - about the idea of scrutiny from strangers, and exams done in the strictest conditions.

She considered his offer of a walk. It seemed a bizarre thing to take in the middle of class. Normally she was loathe to draw added attention or dare to ask for anything out of the ordinary, lest she crossed one of the lines that seemed so obvious to other people but were a bizarre concoction of hodge-podge rules to her. However, it was hard to imagine Professor Xavier really getting cross with anyone, or Joe suggesting something that wasn’t going to be allowed.

“M-Maybe,” she managed. It was certainly true that talking about the test had not lessened the degree to which she was crying at all. Raine didn’t particularly like drawing attention to herself, but it currently seemed like going for a walk might do that to a lesser degree than staying in class…

  • Looks like it, yeah. - Joe, Sun Oct 8 14:49
    Well, Raine was clearly not okay, but knowing this proved less helpful than Joe could have hoped. He still, for instance, had no idea what to do to fix the problem. The last time he’d been party to a ... more
    • Right, so if the exam questions are riddles, I'll be ok - Raine, Fri Oct 20 11:55
      • Whatever works, I guess? - Joe, Sun Oct 22 10:16
        That it wasn’t just the test sparking a near-breakdown was, Joe thought, a simple enough concept to grasp – it rarely was, he thought, ever really just one thing, even if one thing was the thing that ... more
        • I just need some way to unwind... - Raine, Sun Oct 22 11:57
          Raine watched Joe’s little note wing its way to the Professor. It was not met immediately with rage at their sheer presumption and the barring of the greenhouse door. Again, this was difficult to... more
          • Professor Xavier was a concern, but not a large one, really. The Head of Teppenpaw was mild-mannered - the sort of person Joe tended to assume would not strongly oppose anything remotely reasonable... more
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