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I just need some way to unwind...
Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:57

Raine watched Joe’s little note wing its way to the Professor. It was not met immediately with rage at their sheer presumption and the barring of the greenhouse door. Again, this was difficult to really picture with Professor Xavier, but it was just so… so unlike how she dealt with the world. Raine couldn’t imagine interacting with teachers in that way, in general, and much more specifically in writing a note that clearly communicated what she intended without somehow accidentally putting her foot in it.

“I’d rather go with you,” Raine assured him, as he asked about Kyte, accepting the handkerchief gratefully. However, as they moved towards the door, Kyte seemed to have other ideas. He had been watching, from his customary back row position. It was difficult not to notice what the other one was up to, in such small groups as they were in at Sonora, and especially with Kyte’s tendency to let his attention wander away from his work, but in line with his new policy on making sure Unsuitable Boys didn’t try to bang his sister, he’d been watching especially keenly when she sat next to Joe. Joe was definitely an Unsuitable Boy, because he was any boy, and they were all on the list. Alongside Kyte’s new radar for possible lusting on his sister, was the fact that grass was a spectacularly boring topic, unless it was a certain variety which he really doubted he’d be seeing in class.

“What’s going on?” he asked, a question that covered the dual circumstances of his sister sneaking out of class with a boy, and the fact that she was crying. Whilst logic suggested that, if Joe had been the one to make her cry, she probably wasn’t going to also be skipping class for a steamy round-the-back-of-the-greenhouse session with him, this didn’t particularly occur to Kyte because he was annoyed and logic got in the way. Assuming Joe to be the instigator of All That Was Wrong, it was him that Kyte addressed the question to, although he was saved from having to try to explain by Raine.

“I’m just going to get some air,” Raine told him. “I made a mess of the test, and my head’s all fuzzy and I can’t think straight.”

“Why is he going with you?” Kyte challenged, abruptly switching from speaking to Joe to speaking about him as if he couldn’t hear them.

“Because he’s my friend,” Raine glared. Although Kyte was keeping his voice low, she couldn’t help but feel this was an added hiccup in the whole ‘drawing minimal attention’ appeal of leaving. “C’mon Joe,” she muttered, pulling open the greenhouse door, and walking purposefully out, leaving Kyte in their wake.

“Sorry about him,” she added to Joe, once the door had swung shut behind them. She sniffled and allowed herself a little sob, now that they were out of class. “Kyte isn’t great at dealing with other people’s feelings,” she added, more as an explanation of why she’d chosen Joe. It didn’t exactly explain why he’d tried to involve himself in a situation that clearly called for that. “Though he doesn’t really realise that about himself. And has got super overprotective lately. It’s a great combination,” she added, with a roll of her eyes. “Is it possible that someone can be basically a good person, and also a complete jerk at the same time?” she asked, and then paused to wonder how they had got onto this subject when the whole point of this had been about school, and how that sucked. It didn’t really matter. She just needed ten minutes of not thinking to clear her head.

  • Whatever works, I guess? - Joe, Sun Oct 22 10:16
    That it wasn’t just the test sparking a near-breakdown was, Joe thought, a simple enough concept to grasp – it rarely was, he thought, ever really just one thing, even if one thing was the thing that ... more
    • I just need some way to unwind... - Raine, Sun Oct 22 11:57
      • Professor Xavier was a concern, but not a large one, really. The Head of Teppenpaw was mild-mannered - the sort of person Joe tended to assume would not strongly oppose anything remotely reasonable... more
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