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Good thing our siblings are easy to gripe about.
Mon Oct 23, 2017 14:30 (XFF:,sams08194.atl,sams08194.atl)

Professor Xavier was a concern, but not a large one, really. The Head of Teppenpaw was mild-mannered - the sort of person Joe tended to assume would not strongly oppose anything remotely reasonable done by someone who did it with enough self-assurance - and, presumably, not keen to deal with a girl having a spell if someone else was stupid enough to volunteer to do it instead. Kyte was a much more intimidating prospect, so naturally, he was the one who appeared before them to interfere with Joe’s hastily-constructed plan by questioning Joe.

Before he could construct an answer which cast him in an entirely chivalrous light, however, he was pulled up short by Raine herself explaining the situation to her brother, whereupon said brother began ignoring Joe’s existence. Joe was not sure how to take this. On one hand, no violence of a non-socially-sanctioned form was taking place. On the other, he was being treated as a statue. Either way, though, whether being ignored was desirable or not, he expected the conversation to end with him handing Raine off to her brother - he tried not to express his emotions at all, really, when they were unpleasant, but if he had to deal with Feelings, he thought he’d turn to his own people for help, not a friend, or at least one of the ordinary sort - and so he was not put on surer footing on any front when Raine, apparently deciding the conversation with Kyte was over, ordered him to come along.

He followed her obediently and, at first, silently, praying she would provide some clear lead he, who was unused to emotional expression, could follow. Fortunately - and this was a thought he’d never thought to have before - difficult siblings and the difference between having an agreeable personality and being a decent person were topics he did feel qualified to address.

“I think it is,” he said. “Actually, I think that describes two of my three brothers and on a bad day my sister, too.” He was only half-joking; Julian’s case was perhaps a tad more complicated than just being a jerk (jerkette?) sometimes, but still - Stephen was unambiguously the best of them, he thought. “So I guess you have me at a disadvantage, unless you’ve also got three more like that?”

  • I just need some way to unwind... - Raine, Sun Oct 22 11:57
    Raine watched Joe’s little note wing its way to the Professor. It was not met immediately with rage at their sheer presumption and the barring of the greenhouse door. Again, this was difficult to... more
    • Good thing our siblings are easy to gripe about. - Joe, Mon Oct 23 14:30
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