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Arianna Tate, Crotalus
This sounds boring.
Wed Oct 25, 2017 18:50

Contrary to most of her other classes, Arianna preferred theoretical Herbology to practical. Practical Herbology involved... gardening . Gardening was rather beneath her. It was for house elves and she was not a house elf. Besides, the Crotalus hated getting dirty. Dirty was not an attractive look. Even if she had to be in school robes, Arianna wanted them to look presentable. She didn't want to look like a slob!

Plus, she had just done her nails last night. One might think it was impractical to do them when one had Herbology, but that was the thing. She'd had classes, therefore, they needed it. Even though it was now her fourth year and her plans hadn't come to fruition the way she'd wanted, Arianna still had an image she wanted to present.

She was rather irritated that things hadn't worked out the way she wanted. For starters, the Crotalus was used to getting her way. Plus, she had truly wanted to build something, leave a real legacy for girls like her that would come after. A way for them to bond, to find each other. A group that celebrated femininity and propriety.

Still, it wasn't her fault that Sonora hadn't exactly had an influx of great candidates. Arianna was willing to give Teppenpaws and even some Pecaris a chance but sometimes, people who'd have otherwise been great candidates went and ruined themselves by playing Quidditch. Arianna didn't believe in WAIL, after all Aunt Kaylie had played it before her injury and she was married with three children,but she still didn't really care for the sort of girls who played. Though her aunt more embodied the view Arianna had of Teppenpaws as soft and useless and too nice for their own good than the tomboyish sort. That was more how Aunt Nina had been but she hadn't played Quidditch because she wasn't allowed after Aunt Kaylie had gotten hurt.

And she had wanted it for Jasmine too. Arianna wanted to be role model in general but especially for the first year. She was like a surrogate little sister. One she would happily have traded her brother for. Maybe they could do it together though, start the group.

She looked at Professor Xavier with a bored expression as he began to speak. The African savanna didn't sound very interesting. It sounded dry, barren and ugly. Plus, Arianna usually associated Africa as a continent with adventures and thus didn't think it would be a suitable vacation destination as she didn't like adventure much-it made one dirty- and preferred something much more glamorous.

The only remarkably interesting that the Herbology professor had talked about was the acacia trees and their poison. Poisons were a decidedly interesting topic, not that that was a thought she wanted to let on that she had.

Arianna picked up a piece of grass and sat back down, looking at it unenthusiastically. It was going to be a long lesson, though on the plus side, it was better than the fertilizer one.

  • Intermediate Herbology: African Savanna - Professor X, Thu Sep 21 12:46
    Nathan smiled as his intermediate students began to arrive at Greenhouse One. It was early October and the Arizona air was just starting to chill after a late September heat wave. He liked this time... more
    • This sounds boring. - Arianna Tate, Crotalus, Wed Oct 25 18:50
    • I wasn't expecting something colorful. - Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Tue Sep 26 14:58
      Joe had not been nervous about the review quiz Professor Xavier had given them, but it was always a relief to see a good result on paper, official. Herbology was not the most mentally taxing subject... more
      • Pretty sure one of them is a very famous type of straw... - Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Wed Sep 27 00:42
        Raine took her quiz back from Professor Xavier, trying to tune out the positive feedback that the preceding two students received. They got excellent and very good. She merely got And here’s yours.... more
        • Joe was not - altogether - unfamiliar with being yelled at. When Stephen and Paul had been teenagers, they had bellowed at him to leave them alone often enough, and John's immaturity had always been... more
          • Raine actually took a glance over the grass in front of them. Part of her sort of saw Joe’s point but it was still hard to let that filter through the blind fog of panic that said she was too stupid... more
            • Looks like it, yeah. - Joe, Sun Oct 8 14:49
              Well, Raine was clearly not okay, but knowing this proved less helpful than Joe could have hoped. He still, for instance, had no idea what to do to fix the problem. The last time he’d been party to a ... more
              • “No. I mean, sort of…. But it’s not just the test,” Raine tried to explain. It wasn’t the test, or Joe or Professor Xavier or anyone or anything else’s fault that she was thick. “It’s me… I can’t do... more
                • Whatever works, I guess? - Joe, Sun Oct 22 10:16
                  That it wasn’t just the test sparking a near-breakdown was, Joe thought, a simple enough concept to grasp – it rarely was, he thought, ever really just one thing, even if one thing was the thing that ... more
                  • I just need some way to unwind... - Raine, Sun Oct 22 11:57
                    Raine watched Joe’s little note wing its way to the Professor. It was not met immediately with rage at their sheer presumption and the barring of the greenhouse door. Again, this was difficult to... more
                    • Professor Xavier was a concern, but not a large one, really. The Head of Teppenpaw was mild-mannered - the sort of person Joe tended to assume would not strongly oppose anything remotely reasonable... more
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