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Parker Fitzgerald - Pecari
Two heads and Four Hands
Thu Dec 7, 2017 12:56

Smell of dirt and green things filled Parker’s nose as he made his way into Greenhouse One. As he raced into the Greenhouse he dumped is backpack on the ground near the door. Herbology was one of his favorite classes, and through it, he had taken better to a few of the other classes, since he needed those skills in this one. It wasn’t just that he got to play in the dirt and be outside, but he also got to learn about plants and how to take care of them.

The air was getting nicer outside, and the cold was going away, which was nice since Parker had to walk outside every day to get to and from food and classes. He also hoped this meant more time outside during Herbology class.

As Professor X said to leave things behind and bring gloves and a wand, Parker got excited. Running back to his backpack he pulled out the items and raced out the door to walk behind the Professor. Parker could feel the sun on his face and hear the wind. It was like a tonic to his body and he loved it so much.

Parker had raised his hand at the first question. He knew the answer to this question! It didn’t happen often, so Parker hoped this would help earn him points for talking in class.

“Labyrinth Hedges,” he said.

He’d been trying to figure out things for the eventual map he hoped to create and the first thing he had looked up were the hedges. Though he did not know the next part of the questioning. Aura of Confusion was actually a little worrying, as Parker did enjoy going out walking in the evening and mornings. More reason to have a map made that he could keep on him in case he or anyone else got lost.

Parker filed away the information about regeneration and healing potions in his head, just in case potions had a healing class sometime soon.

After Professor X finished talking, Parker clapped his gloved hands together.

“Ok, lets get to work,” he said out loud to himself, looking at the really battered hedge. It looked almost sad, like a larger version of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Parker laughed to himself, realizing few if any of the other students in the class would understand the image in his head. He was excited though.

Even at home he had liked doing yard work. It was the chore that he most readily signed up for since it meant he got to be outside. Now he was basically doing yard work and getting a grade for it, which was nice.
Getting close to the tree Parker noticed that some of the dead branches were sturdier than one would expect for being, well dead. He tugged on them, but nothing happened. He pulled one really far back and it eventually broke, but not near the trunk of the tree. He was thinking about the best way to go forward when he heard Tatiana next to him.

He liked the other first year Pecari, but since the wagon ride they hadn’t really talked much. Parker spending a lot of his time outside or near to outside. They were both on the Quidditch team, but Parker didn’t do a lot of talking as he was always trying to practice, knowing he was at a disadvantage from the beginning. The first thing he realized was that her English was already better.
As she spoke Parker nodded in agreement. OF COURSE! The Sever Charm.

“Oh, great idea Tatiana. We can start with your tree, and I’ll hold back the branch. Just please, don’t sever my arm by accident.” Parker laughed a bit hoping that Tatiana would take it as a joke, but realizing there was a bit of truth in the joke as well. He also wanted to see the Sever charm, just to make sure he didn't do it wrong and cut down a hedge by accident.

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