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And a vocabulary and a half.
Thu Dec 21, 2017 22:39

Sometimes, Tatiana thought the center of the thing was not so much the number of words she had learned this year, but that she had simply gotten better at quickly figuring out what people meant from the words she did hear and know well. “No akzaden,” she assured Parker with a small smile, her accent thickening heavily on the word she was not used to saying. “Professor angry if I sever arms.”

She suspected that would be a mild way of putting it, but she didn’t think she was too likely to actually cut his arms off. She could aim pretty well and it would be better to aim as carefully as possible here - if she messed up, at best it would smack someone in the face, and Tatiana did not even wish to hit other people in the face, much less herself. To her eternal dismay, she was not a big, strong person - she was not fragile, as such, not like her sister Anya, but she still suspected a large branch could still send her tumbling to the ground if it snapped back at her, plus her face. Parker was probably going to be better at pulling the branch back, and she at trying to cut it so it fell down instead of snapping at either of them.

“Hold - soft,” she warned him. “Not hard, or it will - “ Tatiana used her hand to mime something smacking her in the face. “That not good.”

Def-fenn-doe. Def-fenn-doe. She ran through the pronunciation in her head. She thought she would have thought to be careful anyway, but since she had been reminded that the spell was dangerous and then had thought about being knocked down, she wanted to be extra-careful. Working with others was sometimes slightly awkward when she worried about them maybe not wanting to work with her because of the potential for problems when she occasionally mangled a vowel. Or a consonant. Or a strange combination of the two.

“You have it? Good - here I go. Defendo.” It sounded to her like the word for Defense class - the name of the class - but a gash appeared in the branch and nothing caught fire, so she would take it. She did it again, and this time, the first branch came away.

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