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Professor Xavier
Advanced Herbology: RATS
Fri Feb 9, 2018 09:26

For the very first time, Professor Nathan Xavier was teaching RATS material in Sonora's Advanced Herbology class. The seventh years had taken the CATS last year as sixth years, and the sixth years had taken them as fifth years, as was normal when the whole school wasn't playing catch-up in a new subject. After four years of accelerated coursework - one of which was split over the CoMC time slot while he was still a student teacher - Herbology had finally reached where it was supposed to be for everyone except maybe the seventh years, who only had one year to learn their RATS material, if they wanted to try to take that.

"Welcome to Advanced Herbology," he greeted the students for their first class of the year in Greenhouse Two, the smaller of Sonora's two greenhouses. "I was pleased with all of your CATS scores and I'm glad you chose to continue into RATS. Seventh years, as you only just took your CATS last year, I will leave it as entirely optional as to whether or not you want to take the Herbology RATS this year. Upon request, I can write you a letter of recommendation to your college of choice to tell them you have made a start at RATS material, if you decide to opt out and not risk a low grade that may look misleading on your transcript."

"For sixth years, congratulations, you've caught up to where you're supposed to be in three and a half years, where it normally takes five. You should all be in great shape for your RATS, since we're actually going to start slowing down the pace now. Good job everyone."

He started distributing the syllabi, handing one to each student personally - partly to make sure Neveah got the Braille one, but mostly because it was a small class and using magic just seemed excessive and pointless, and unnecessarily impersonal. "As you can read in the syllabus, we'll be covering more advanced and some dangerous plants this year. Seventh years, you can also find additional recommended reading you can do to try to learn the material we won't be getting to in class this year to get ready for your RATS if you choose to take them."

"Today, we're going to be starting with just planting some of the flora we'll be studying this year. They're all just seeds at this point, so they are fairly harmless, but I do recommend wearing your gloves anyway, as some of the oils on some of the seeds can cause irritation. Each work table should have a variety of pots on them which you can use. Bags of soil are next to each table. Remember to label your pots with your name and the species. Make sure you do two each of Devil's Snare, Preacher's Porridge, and Chinese Chomping Cabbage. We'll plant some more next week for later study as well, but we'll start with those three. Once those are planted, we'll have some discussion on what kinds of environments and conditions they need to be grown in."

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