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Parker - Pecari
Someone is sick... I think (Tag Professor Xavier)
Fri Feb 9, 2018 11:40

Parker had arrived an hour before class today because he wanted to talk to Professor X about Cleo. Parker wasn't sure what he'd say, but he knew Professor X and Cleo had been close, and he knew that Professor X was smart and might be able to answer some of Parker's questions.

He liked the professor, not just because Parker was better at Herbology than almost every other class, but because the professor seemed to actually care about his students. Or maybe because he cared about the students who did the Gardening Club, which was really just Cleo and now Parker. Either way, he knew he could talk to Professor X about Cleo and see if there was anything he could do to help make her feel better. He really hadn't liked seeing the tears in her eyes.

As Parker waited, he thought over in his head what he would say so he wouldn't just rush through everything like he had when he saw Cleo at lunch. He wanted to be clear. He wanted to make sure he didn't get Cleo in any more trouble. He didn't do this often, but it tended to work out well when he did. He swung his feet below him and noticed that his feet were touching the floor for the first time.

He would talk about how Cleo said she didn't want to see anyone, and that Parker was worried she was sick. He would ask if the professor knew what she was sick with, and if there was something Parker could do to help her.

As he decided on this route of asking, he heard a sound behind him. All of his planning slipped his mind in the moment as he turned around.

"What's wrong with Cleo?"

    • Someone is, but not who you think - Professor Xavier, Sun Feb 11 13:18
      Nathan had mostly recovered from the shock of September First. The first day of classes had been one of his off days - Herbology only getting taught in the Tuesday-Thursday time slots - which had... more
      • Ohhh... a mystery? - Parker, Sun Feb 11 14:10
        Parker stood there for a second, taking in what Professor X was saying. He didn't fully understand what the professor meant when he said her confidences were not her's to share, but it didn't sound... more
        • By now, I think we are up to three plague victims - Nathan Xavier, Wed Feb 14 18:55
          Nathan raised an eyebrow at Parker's inclusion of himself in Cleo's friend circle. He wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. He didn't want to seem like he was drawing away from a student he had... more
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