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Professor Xavier
Someone is, but not who you think
Sun Feb 11, 2018 13:18

Nathan had mostly recovered from the shock of September First. The first day of classes had been one of his off days - Herbology only getting taught in the Tuesday-Thursday time slots - which had given him an extra day to get used to the idea of Cleo as a half-Veela. Oddly enough, the rumor in the staff room was that Jozua Sparks was causing more trouble than Cleo was right off the bat, with some hormonal accidental magic. Rumor also was that Cleo was keeping a very low profile and trying her best not to interact with anyone, which Nathan thought was sad and probably unhealthy. He did suppose she had the right to be a bit reclusive while she got used to the idea of what Mr. James had told her, he just hoped it was a temporary hiccup for her rather than a new norm of self-isolation.

Selina had suggested trying to keep things as normal as possible, but normal had been Cleo coming to him, not him going to her, so he wasn't entirely sure how welcome he would be to suggest any gardening expeditions. Maybe after a few days, if things hadn't settled out on their own into a more normal holding pattern, he'd send her a letter about things the garden club could do to help out, since he hadn't specifically been told she was planning to cancel that, and that was within his habits from last year.

It was now the second day of classes, and he'd already handled the Advanced class, and the Beginners would be right after lunch. As one of the things going right for him this term - in addition to Raine successfully passing up into his RATS class - he was spared the intermediates until the last period of the day, so if anything went catastrophically wrong with Cleo and Jozua's class, he'd at least have more than a whole day to set the greenhouse right again before he'd need to teach again.

He was surprised to see one of the Beginners arrive remarkably early, while he was still eating his sandwich at his desk and looking over his syllabi for his afternoon classes and finalizing some details on his first day of class lessons. "Parker," he said, his voice reflecting that surprise. "Come in. What can I do for you?"

And Parker, unfortunately, asked about the one thing he really couldn't help with. Some dismay showed on his face, because he was quite poor at hiding his feelings, but there was sympathy there, too. "I'm afraid that is something you will need to discuss with her. She will definitely be needing a friend this year, though she may make it difficult, at first, because she is having a rough time right now. I'm afraid that's all I can tell you, since her confidences are not mine to share."

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    • Someone is, but not who you think - Professor Xavier, Sun Feb 11 13:18
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          Nathan raised an eyebrow at Parker's inclusion of himself in Cleo's friend circle. He wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. He didn't want to seem like he was drawing away from a student he had... more
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