Tabitha Hawthorne
A teacher in more ways than one...
Fri Jul 27, 2018 18:43

Tabitha blinked, suddenly caught rather off-guard from the sudden turn to the ethics of harvesting potion ingredients and how humane one should be. It was a hard question, to be sure, as it was dependant on the creature and the ingredient that was in question. Unicorn horn, for example, Tabitha would suggest anaesthetise the unicorn first before then taking the horn but she doubted taking the horn from a live unicorn was strictly ethical and you certainly couldn't kill one. That was sacrilege, so natural death would be the best way, she supposed but it was rare to come across a unicorn at all, never mind a dead one. On the other hand, if you just needed Billywig wings or their stings (she recalled that Billywing stings were used in Fizzing Whizzbees), they were common enough if you were in Australia and Tabitha had very few qualms about killing one and taking the wings as they were particularly bitey.

She relayed these thoughts to Mary, pleased to be having a conversation that had actual intellectual substance. "I agree with you about the market. The laws are a bit cagey in that area, for sure. As for a trip together, you are more than welcome. Having new experiences is always better when you can share them with someone."

She smiled then, now feeling truly relaxed. Talking about travelling and various ethical issues that surrounded the wizarding world made Tabitha feel like she was in her element. She was also pleased that Mary didn't shy away from the idea of a potentially dangerous journey into the heart of who-knows-where encountering who-knows-what. To Tabitha, courage and bravery were good traits to have.

Her smile grew when Mary described the moment of teaching she was looking forward to, when a student had a lightbulb moment. Her eyes seemed to light up and she was suddenly very animated and Tabitha knew that, within that moment, that Mary was the perfect person to be a teacher. Then, suddenly, it was her turn to answer.

She was quiet a moment and took the chance to sip from her cup before, with much less excitement than the Potions mistress (it was clear that Tabitha would probably be the calmer of the two), responded, "I think, when you manage to inspire confidence within a student, when they truly believe something is possible, anything they want is possible and they go and grab it with both hands."

Tabitha's teachers had been perfectly likeable at school but it had been her parents who had been down on her - they had been dead set against her leaving to experience the world that, for a time in her life, Tabitha had doubted herself. Then, some wise words from an equally wise teacher had reinstored her confidence and assured her that the decision she was making was the right one.

"So, please, tell me more about yourself. Do you have family?"

  • Kindred indeed. - Mary Brooding, Fri Jul 27 17:50
    Mary stifled a giggle, afraid it would make Tabitha feel bad. Few people took compliments well, in Mary's experience, and innocent nervousness was better than some things. Besides, it meant that... more
    • A teacher in more ways than one... - Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Jul 27 18:43
      • or two or three or four! - Mary Brooding, Fri Jul 27 19:10
        Mary was not one to test new people. She didn't like when couples set challenges for each other to see if they were the people they thought they were, or when teachers asked impossible questions to... more
        • I think we're going to be very good friends... - Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Jul 27 20:02
          If Tabitha was honest with herself and she often was as she didn't believe in lying to herself to make herself feel better, she'd admit that the last few months of her life had been very lonely. She... more
          • That would be good for my heart. - Anonymous, Fri Jul 27 22:12
            She replied! She had an answer! Here was a witch who had seen the world, and not just lived in it. She was a participant in life, and Mary could settle for nothing less in her friends. The subject of ... more
            • Time for a feast! - Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Jul 28 06:53
              "Of course I'll help," Tabitha nodded, offering her services as a classroom cleaner. Her Defence classroom and office hadn't exactly needed a cleaning, just a bit of a dusting so it hadn't taken long ... more
              • And a friend to eat with - Mary Brooding, Sat Jul 28 11:50
                Mary was delighted that Tabitha was kind and funny both, as well as smart. There was much more to look forward to with this school year than Mary had anticipated, not least of all the impending... more
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