Mary Brooding
And a friend to eat with
Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:50 (XFF:

Mary was delighted that Tabitha was kind and funny both, as well as smart. There was much more to look forward to with this school year than Mary had anticipated, not least of all the impending feast!

"Thank you," Mary said gratefully, both in regards to the Defense mistress' willingness to help with the Potions rooms, and her general willingness to discuss matters and people.

Mary echoed Tabitha's concern for the half-veela student, in part considering her own history. She made a vow to herself to keep that information away from students, who might consider it odd that their professor had previously been so infatuated with a veela. There were plenty of rumors to make life hard enough for both herself and Cleo already without adding to that problem.

"I suppose it's a matter of the things that veela can do, rather than do do. That sounds odd," Mary laughed at the difficulty of languages. "Veela can become horrifying bird monsters and hurt people, and can enchant people, but they can also become accomplished poets, athletes, and academics, just like any other magical person. It's definitely sticky though." She had ideas but didn't want to downplay the fact that Tabitha's job would be a difficult one; Mary knew that better than most, and smiled sympathetically.

She laughed when Tabitha sprang from her seat, realizing the time, and dashed out the door. Mary closed her eyes at Tabitha's touch, grateful to be facing the other way. It had been far too long since anyone had thought to care about her, and she was moved to tears to think that all that had changed now. Sonora had been her home a long time ago and the old school had proved itself once again as a magical place, in more than one sense.

She gathered her belongings and followed Tabitha out of the room, laughing to herself when she realized she still wasn't sure precisely where her rooms were. Oh well. She'd gotten lost already today and it had been exceptionally fortuitous-- no harm in a bit more wandering. She remembered where the Potions classrooms were, and her quarters couldn't be far from there.

She left the room humming, a happy tune in her chest and an eagerness rumbling in her hungry belly. Finally, she wouldn't be filling it alone.

  • Time for a feast! - Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Jul 28 06:53
    "Of course I'll help," Tabitha nodded, offering her services as a classroom cleaner. Her Defence classroom and office hadn't exactly needed a cleaning, just a bit of a dusting so it hadn't taken long ... more
    • And a friend to eat with - Mary Brooding, Sat Jul 28 11:50
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