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Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:45

“What’s wrong?”

“Everything,” she answered a bit too quickly, primarily because she hadn’t been intending to say that out loud. Isis took a deep breath in to calm herself, but much to her own chagrin, it seemed to have the opposite effect. The moment of pause have her more time to think, more time to remember the last time.

There was something she had to tell Nathan, something she’d had to tell a man before. To say the previous experience had soured her a bit on the matter was a gentle phrasing: this was an immediate nightmare to relive. Everything was different now, and Nathan was the literal polar opposite of Nevaeh’s biological father, but the memory stood. Almost being killed - and watching someone else die - was a scar that didn’t fully fade.

She tried to speak, but nothing came out, a lump forming in her throat that she couldn’t seem to swallow this time. Isis stared up at him, fears past and future clear in her foggy eyes, her dark complexion dropping shades as she paled out. Not knowing what else to do but needing to convey, Isis reached out sharply and grabbed Nathan’s hand, pulling it back just as quickly to rest on her abdomen. “We have a serious problem,” she managed at last.

  • Eep? - Nathan Xavier, Tue Aug 14 11:01
    Nathan missed the summer already. He was sure he’d get back into the swing of teaching once he had a couple weeks under his belt and wasn’t regularly comparing it to months relaxing next to the... more
    • Correct - Isis, Tue Aug 14 11:45
      • Oh, well, right then - Nathan, Tue Aug 14 12:31
        At first he didn’t understand. He got that there was a problem. He saw quite clearly that it was scaring the very color out of Isis. But it took entirely too long for the penny to drop, for him to... more
        • Pretty much - Isis, Tue Aug 14 18:38
          Of course. Of course Nathan was trying to plan and make things work even though it was a total wrench in all of the existing plans. Of course he was going to make sure it was all okay, even if it... more
          • We’ll figure it out - Nathan, Wed Aug 15 10:26
            Nathan let Isis move away. He understood that sometimes people just needed to move when they were distressed and Isis was clearly distressed. His heart sank a little when she declared she wasn’t okay ... more
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