Oh, well, right then
Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:31

At first he didn’t understand. He got that there was a problem. He saw quite clearly that it was scaring the very color out of Isis. But it took entirely too long for the penny to drop, for him to realize there was significance to where she placed his hand on her body that had nothing to do with her ongoing stomach upset.

And then the penny did drop.

He gasped and his eyes widened further and he first paled and then flushed as his mind supplied visual memories to literally answer his unspoken question of ‘how?’ Right then. Well.

“Oh,” he said somewhat inadequately.

He supposed he ought to say more than that, but he had no idea what he should say, what Isis wanted him to say. What Isis feared he would say. Clearly she feared something, so he definitely needed to not say that, whatever it was.

“That moves up out engagement plans then, I guess?” he ventured cautiously. He was internally relieved he’d already asked (well, mostly asked), so she knew he wanted to marry her for her, and not because he felt obligated to do so now, because of this. “And I suppose we’ll have to tell Selina sooner rather than later about those plans and that we’d like to have shared staff quarters now. Are there even family quarters here?” Sophie had lived off campus, but her husband wasn’t also a teacher . . .

Then, after a moment, he remembered there was something more immediate to ask than those practicalities. “Are, are you okay with this?”

That her verbalizations so far had been ‘everything is wrong’ and ‘we have a problem’ suggested that she probably wasn’t, but he hoped that had more to do with the timing and surprise factor than because she objected to having children together at all.

  • Correct - Isis, Tue Aug 14 11:45
    “What’s wrong?” “Everything,” she answered a bit too quickly, primarily because she hadn’t been intending to say that out loud. Isis took a deep breath in to calm herself, but much to her own... more
    • Oh, well, right then - Nathan, Tue Aug 14 12:31
      • Pretty much - Isis, Tue Aug 14 18:38
        Of course. Of course Nathan was trying to plan and make things work even though it was a total wrench in all of the existing plans. Of course he was going to make sure it was all okay, even if it... more
        • We’ll figure it out - Nathan, Wed Aug 15 10:26
          Nathan let Isis move away. He understood that sometimes people just needed to move when they were distressed and Isis was clearly distressed. His heart sank a little when she declared she wasn’t okay ... more
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