Pretty much
Tue Aug 14, 2018 18:38

Of course.

Of course Nathan was trying to plan and make things work even though it was a total wrench in all of the existing plans. Of course he was going to make sure it was all okay, even if it wasn’t. Of course he wanted to fix it all while she stood there stupid with her head spinning. Because Nathan was amazing and perfect and so goddamn good, a true Teppenpaw until the very end. But Isis wasn’t. And for the Head of Pecari, she didn’t feel very flexible and adaptive at the moment, either.

“Are, are you okay with this?”

Her hands rose to her head, first covering her face for a moment and then dragging over her shaved scalp and settling like a vice grip where her neck and shoulders merged. She pulled away from him as she did this, pacing a bit, but her fearful eyes came back to him. She shook her head, first stiffly and slow as if she almost couldn’t and then gaining momentum. Isis suppressed tears, mostly. “No,” she reiterated. “Not really.”

“Nathan, I’m just…” The substitute professor gave a weak laugh, and her arms fell against her sides in frustration, or perhaps defeat. “I’m really, really bad at being a mom.” Maybe if she’d been older, if Nevaeh had been planned, if Deontay hadn’t... Well, maybe then things would’ve been different. But they weren’t. She had started out too young, and she’d done nothing but make mistakes ever since. The only right choice she’d made was giving up her parental claims to the Reeds.

She looked at him with the rarest, rawest vulnerability and said the only two words she had left in her body: “I’m scared.”

  • Oh, well, right then - Nathan, Tue Aug 14 12:31
    At first he didn’t understand. He got that there was a problem. He saw quite clearly that it was scaring the very color out of Isis. But it took entirely too long for the penny to drop, for him to... more
    • Pretty much - Isis, Tue Aug 14 18:38
      • We’ll figure it out - Nathan, Wed Aug 15 10:26
        Nathan let Isis move away. He understood that sometimes people just needed to move when they were distressed and Isis was clearly distressed. His heart sank a little when she declared she wasn’t okay ... more
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