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Nathan Xavier
[Hallways] It’s 3AM I must be lonely (tag Tabitha)
Thu Aug 30, 2018 16:44

Nathan clapped a hand down on the alarm and groaned unhappily at the prospect of getting out of the nice warm bed in Isis’ room and making the trek all the way from Pecari to Teppenpaw in the small hours of the night. But it couldn’t be helped. They were both Heads of House, and that came with the responsibility of being close by in case their students needed then. He gave Isis a kiss and dragged himself out of bed.

He got dressed, hating the necessity when he was just got to go back to sleep - alone, unfortunately - in his own bed, but it wouldn’t do to be caught wandering about in just his small clothes in the school hallways. He didn’t bother doing anything about his hair, which was decidedly sleep tousled, but it was 3AM. If people wanted him looking well groomed they were going to have to wait until at least sunrise.

He gave his fiancé one more kiss and an apology for waking her, for needing to leave, then stumbled out into the Gardens and headed back toward his our rooms.

Normally, the halls were deserted at this hour. In the two years since he and Isis had been spending partial nights together, he considered it a busy night if he saw a prairie elf out and about.

Tonight he ran into Tabitha Hawthorne.

He knew how he must look. Hair mussed. Robes disheveled and the same ones he’d worn at dinner last night. He wasn’t even wearing socks or shoes, and while he wasn’t sure if his slippers were something she could even see in the dim light and the shadows of his robes, he was acutely aware of it.

Plus Tabitha was the Defense professor. He assumed she must have extra good perception and would instantly draw the accurate conclusions about what his night’s activities had included.

“We’re engaged!” he blurted out in a panic though he wouldn’t have had that excuse even last spring. But he hoped maybe it would help him not look so unprofessional now.

At 3AM. In his slippers.

    • Or just a professor with a lot of responsibilities - Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 30 17:07
      Tabitha was smiling to herself, her cheeks still coloured a soft pink and her lips were still tingling from the kiss she and Mary - her girlfriend! - had shared in the entryway of Sonora Academy. It... more
      • Bare feet and slippers - Nathan, Thu Aug 30 22:04
        Slowly, details about Tabitha’s appearance began to percolate into Nathan’s consciousness. As he had been entirely un conscious not ten minutes ago, he wasn’t terribly embarrassed it took him this... more
        • I think your feet are warmer than mine. - Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 30 22:43
          Tabitha's good feelings, while they were still simmering under the surface, were slowly being smothered by the awkwardness of this interaction. She couldn't seem to be able to get her blush to... more
          • That seems likely - Nathan Xavier, Fri Aug 31 10:12
            He was glad that prying or not, his question seemed to break the awkward heaviness of the conversation so far, as she smiled brilliantly and confirmed that she had had an absolutely wonderful time.... more
            • Oh, it feels nice to sit down. - Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Aug 31 14:29
              The staff room was dark when they entered it as there was obviously nobody else in there at such early hours. While Nathan busied himself with the tea-making, Tabitha made herself comfortable on a... more
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