Tabitha Hawthorne
Or just a professor with a lot of responsibilities
Thu Aug 30, 2018 17:07

Tabitha was smiling to herself, her cheeks still coloured a soft pink and her lips were still tingling from the kiss she and Mary - her girlfriend! - had shared in the entryway of Sonora Academy. It had been a wonderful night, almost like something out of a fairytale and Tabitha couldn't been in higher spirits as she made her way back to her rooms.

She'd removed her high heels before going up the stairs as, admittedly, her feet were rather sore and the cool stone floors were soothing. She probably would not have done so if she'd have thought that she would bump into anyone but it was three in the morning and the only other person that would still be awake, as far as she knew, would be Mary and she'd gone in the opposite direction to her own quarters. For one night, Tabitha decided that she could let her professorial image slip.

She just turned a corner when she bumped into - almost rather literally - someone. She let out an 'oh!' of surprise and promptly dropped her shoes onto the floor, instinctively reaching for her wand when she realised that it was none other than Nathan Xavier. She let out a breath of relief and gathered her shoes before looking back at him, having to stifle a giggle.

Well, he did look a mess. Rather disheveled, robes creased and messed up, his hair not neat. It really only pointed to one conclusion. However, all of this just seemed to make Tabitha aware of her own state of dress. While she wasn't in such a messy state, she was very aware that she was still in her bold choice of clothing which included the one-piece, very low neck jumpsuit. It certainly wouldn't be appropriate for all her skin to be on show, not in this instance and not in front of somebody who wasn't Mary. She pulled her coat closer around her in a bid to cover herself up while the pink blush on her cheeks intensified to a much redder shade.

Nathan had clearly felt the need to explain himself, given the panic-stricken voice that he'd used and also that he'd completely forgone the social niceties of 'hello, how are you?'. This was terribly awkward and it made Tabitha feel as if she should offer her own explanation for her daring choice of clothing.

"Um... congratulations?" she ventured. "I was just on a date... with a woman."

If she could've facepalmed, she would've done because that was surely too many words.

  • [Hallways] Itís 3AM I must be lonely (tag Tabitha) - Nathan Xavier, Thu Aug 30 16:44
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    • Or just a professor with a lot of responsibilities - Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 30 17:07
      • Bare feet and slippers - Nathan, Thu Aug 30 22:04
        Slowly, details about Tabithaís appearance began to percolate into Nathanís consciousness. As he had been entirely un conscious not ten minutes ago, he wasnít terribly embarrassed it took him this... more
        • I think your feet are warmer than mine. - Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Aug 30 22:43
          Tabitha's good feelings, while they were still simmering under the surface, were slowly being smothered by the awkwardness of this interaction. She couldn't seem to be able to get her blush to... more
          • That seems likely - Nathan Xavier, Fri Aug 31 10:12
            He was glad that prying or not, his question seemed to break the awkward heaviness of the conversation so far, as she smiled brilliantly and confirmed that she had had an absolutely wonderful time.... more
            • Oh, it feels nice to sit down. - Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Aug 31 14:29
              The staff room was dark when they entered it as there was obviously nobody else in there at such early hours. While Nathan busied himself with the tea-making, Tabitha made herself comfortable on a... more
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