Mary Brooding
[Staff Lounge] Halfway to halfway!
Fri Sep 7, 2018 23:58

Busying herself about a teapot and an array of treats she'd convinced a prairie elf to help her with, Mary could hardly keep from humming something happy as she worked. It was November, a third of the way through the school year almost and just over halfway to winter break. While most of the professors and staff at Sonora had been working much longer than she had, Mary couldn't help the feeling of wanting to celebrate with them that that meant she herself was nearly halfway through her first semester as a professor. It also marked some very significant life changes for her and she couldn't have run out of reasons to be excited if she'd tried. But Mary never tried to do that.

Instead, she was preparing a celebratory snack for her colleagues.

She had warned Tabitha about her efforts in advance so that the woman wouldn't be so surprised to find her there if she did find time to come enjoy. Mary had picked a Tuesday to put her plan into action so she had all day to grade papers, examine potions, and prepare lessons, all while enjoying the company of her colleagues. She could hardly contain her excitement at the idea of getting to know the other witches and wizards she worked with a little better.

While she wasn't one to make or keep friends-- until recently when she'd found herself drawn to someone much more deeply than as friends--, Mary was certainly one to socialize. She wasn't extroverted per se, but certainly outgoing, and the opportunity to mingle the day away sounded perfect. Of course, she couldn't help also hoping Tabitha herself might stop in at some point.

When she took a seat a safe distance away from the snacks (it wouldn't do to be leering over people as they chose their treats), Mary was surprised to find someone coming in almost right away. It was early still and Mary hadn't expected anyone for a while. She wasn't sure what to think of the bittersweet discovery that it was not Tabit-- Professor Hawthorne.

"Hello!" she greeted the approaching staff member, lowering the papers she'd hardly even started on. "We're almost to Winter Break!"

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    • Surprise and slight awkwardness. - Grayson Wright, Mon Sep 10 23:35
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      • Two of my favorite things! - Mary Brooding, Wed Sep 12 02:18
        Mary was pretty proud of herself. She'd neither avoided interacting with her coworkers nor bounded on them upon the start of a new conversation. Two for two, really. Still, she couldn't help... more
        • Hm, to each their own I suppose. - Grayson Wright, Wed Sep 12 19:23
          “Hm, good priority,” said Gray when Mary described her success in preventing incidences of poisoning. “I don’t even want to think about the amount of paperwork if that wasn’t a priority.” Snapshot:... more
          • Isn't preference just the loveliest thing? - Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 15 19:43
            The way Professor Wright spoke about his students made Mary feel like he'd been teaching them for a very long time. She thought it best not to laugh when he was clearly feeling so grumpy towards... more
            • I'm not sure it has a physical appearance. - Grayson Wright, Mon Sep 17 14:50
              Gray thought about the issue of whether or not Charms is easy. “I think the…basic reason, I guess – Charms, there’s usually only changing one or two qualities of something – at least for their first... more
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