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Good, I'm glad we feel the same!
Mon Oct 17, 2016 16:30

Amelle’s eyebrows shot up at Rory’s invitation for her to travel with him. Amelle didn’t really know what his traveling entailed. Would it be like camping around dangerous animals? Was it a group of people that did it or was it only like Rory and another? She knew that he had a traveling partner prior to coming to Sonora who had died when they were with dragons, but had it only been the two of them? Amelle was not physically strong, so she wasn’t sure how well she would do in those types of situations and she wouldn’t want to put anyone in danger by being in the way. “I’d love to travel with you.” Amelle stated, which was true. Going to far off places with Rory seemed like a dream come true. “You’ll have to tell me how it works though. If you couldn’t tell, I’m not much of a camper, so I’ll need lessons first.” She said with a laugh. She thought it could be quite romantic if Rory did take her out on private camping lessons… or it could all go down in flames.

When his arm came around her, Amelle felt triumphant that he was cuddling with her now. She hadn’t expected the kiss to come first, but she was not going to complain about how the events played out. She rested her head against his chest, feeling smug when she felt the muscle beneath her. She had been right; he did take care of himself. She was naturally a curvy girl, her hips and chest making her seem a bit larger than she actually was. Her waist was slim, giving her an hour glass figure, but she didn’t really do anything to stay fit, her diet kept her healthy and slim. She always felt like if she dated someone who was extremely attractive, like Rory, that people would look at her and wonder how she managed to snag someone so clearly out of her league.

Amelle lifted her head slightly so that she could look at him while he spoke. He seemed to be working out in his head what he wanted to say, so she didn’t push him. She was a little surprised to hear him be so straightforward with what he was expecting of the two of them, especially after only a kiss (albeit, a lovely kiss that she would really like to do again). Not that she minded his bluntness about all of it. She was actually a bit glad that he wanted something more serious with her right off the bat. She had done the casual relationship in the past and it always ended up biting her in the butt.

She shifted slightly in her spot so that she could wrap her arm around his torso while he pulled her closer. She gave a soft laugh when he attempted to back track what he had said to her and asked her out on a proper date. She reached up to kiss the only spot she could reach in her current position, which happened to be his jaw, “I would love to go to dinner with you.” She answered with ease. “And, for the record, I love the fact that you want to date exclusively with me.” Amelle added, smiling up at him. “I agree to your terms and conditions.”

  • And I'm far from depressed too! - Rory, Mon Oct 17 15:06
    “Well, you’ll have to come with me on my travels at some point then,” Rory suggested. He’d love to take Amelle with him and show her all the wonderful creatures that he loved so much. His work was so ... more
    • Good, I'm glad we feel the same! - Amelle, Mon Oct 17 16:30
      • You have no idea how relieved I am! - Rory, Wed Oct 19 14:56
        “Hey, no need to look so alarmed,” Rory laughed, amused by Amelle’s reaction to his camping suggestion. “I wouldn’t let you get hurt,” he assured her. Seeing Matthias Gould’s unfortunate accident had ... more
        • Amelle relaxed as Rory laughed off her expression. She must have looked more terrified at the idea of traveling than she had thought. That didn’t surprise her too much though as Amelle sometimes wore ... more
          • Comfortable enough to fall asleep? - Rory, Mon Oct 24 16:17
            Planning a camping trip was now officially on Rory’s list of things to do, and he was going to find the perfect place. Hopefully by next summer Amelle would feel confident enough to travel somewhere... more
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