Grayson Wright
Surprise and slight awkwardness.
Mon Sep 10, 2018 23:35

There was, Gray supposed, some truth to the idea of the writer as recluse – but only the writer of poetry or narrative fiction. Scriptwriters, at least of his sort, however, worked together – maybe it was his job to write a whole script, or parts of a script, but since multiple episodes were being produced at once, writers were constantly conferring about continuity, passing around drafts, working in half-cubicles where everyone could see over the walls. Later, when he had been in charge of storylines himself, he had still had other writers around, bouncing ideas off each other and delegating filler episodes and the like. He knew of outfits, too, where one guy might write the whole script, but it was with certain people in mind for certain parts, tweaking as performances went along, and so forth. It wasn’t, in his experience, a solitary art.

Consequently, he found it hard to work now without that interactive element – or at least, that was what he told himself was the problem, rather than, say, the lack of a deadline by which he either wrote a scene or admitted he had not written a scene and thus damaged his career. Fortunately, living in the communal environment of a school did have a few compensations, one of which was the staff lounge. He did not know how to interact with them as freely as he had his old colleagues, especially now, with all the newness, but he could sit quietly and look like he was doing papers and actually listen to people converse, trying to catch the rhythms of conversations and what regular adults, those not in the creative business, talked about, looping his colleagues into what passed for a process these days without their knowledge.

This morning, however, he was more interested in finding some papers he thought he might have left behind in a fit of genuine absent-mindedness the night before than in overhearing conversations – a fortunate occurrence, as he didn’t expect anyone to be about yet. He was therefore surprised to find the room already occupied by a) snacks and b) the Potions teacher.

He blinked through his glasses, brown eyes faintly bemused at the announcement that it was almost midterm. “Yes,” he said. “We’re closer to it every day.” He remembered something relevant. “Ah – this is your first year here,” he said, as much to himself as her. “The first half year is…well, not the easiest, anyway,” he said. “I replaced someone after midterm, my first year. At least they’re getting used to you from the first day?”

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    • Surprise and slight awkwardness. - Grayson Wright, Mon Sep 10 23:35
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