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Mary Brooding
Two of my favorite things!
Wed Sep 12, 2018 02:18

Mary was pretty proud of herself. She'd neither avoided interacting with her coworkers nor bounded on them upon the start of a new conversation. Two for two, really. Still, she couldn't help practically beaming as Professor Grayson Wright approached. He had the look of a man on a mission and Mary smiled, thinking he reminder her very much of Tabitha. His comment about replacing someone after midterm was similar to Tabitha's experience as well, and Mary found herself more at ease than she might've been otherwise.

"I hope that's true," Mary replied, smiling happily from her seat. "Nobody's managed to poison themselves or each other yet and I think that was my first priority." She laughed and leaned over to knock on the wooden table.

"I see you in here pretty often," Mary observed as she rolled her shoulders and did finally stand up. Her drink had run out and she replaced it with a fresh cup of hot chocolate as she spoke. Her comment was only half true anyway: while she did see Professor Wright most times she was in the staff lounge, she herself was rarely there. "I admire your ability to work when it gets so loud in here! I can't imagine how much grading you have. Most of the Advanced students take Charms, don't they?"

Mary had no idea whether that was true but her very quick in-the-moment logic gave her some reasons to back it up at least if he questioned it and providing a conversation topic was something that mattered very much to her. She picked up a cookie and held it in her hot chocolate for a moment before eating it as she waited for him to reply.

  • Surprise and slight awkwardness. - Grayson Wright, Mon Sep 10 23:35
    There was, Gray supposed, some truth to the idea of the writer as recluse – but only the writer of poetry or narrative fiction. Scriptwriters, at least of his sort, however, worked together – maybe... more
    • Two of my favorite things! - Mary Brooding, Wed Sep 12 02:18
      • Hm, to each their own I suppose. - Grayson Wright, Wed Sep 12 19:23
        “Hm, good priority,” said Gray when Mary described her success in preventing incidences of poisoning. “I don’t even want to think about the amount of paperwork if that wasn’t a priority.” Snapshot:... more
        • Isn't preference just the loveliest thing? - Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 15 19:43
          The way Professor Wright spoke about his students made Mary feel like he'd been teaching them for a very long time. She thought it best not to laugh when he was clearly feeling so grumpy towards... more
          • I'm not sure it has a physical appearance. - Grayson Wright, Mon Sep 17 14:50
            Gray thought about the issue of whether or not Charms is easy. “I think the…basic reason, I guess – Charms, there’s usually only changing one or two qualities of something – at least for their first... more
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