Grayson Wright
Hm, to each their own I suppose.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 19:23

“Hm, good priority,” said Gray when Mary described her success in preventing incidences of poisoning. “I don’t even want to think about the amount of paperwork if that wasn’t a priority.”

Snapshot: Student A poisons Student B, resulting in much paperwork for Professor. Professor snaps and poisons Student A in revenge. Would that make a better comedy or a horror show or realism or what? Gray could see how to spin the narrative into a short story or episode script several ways. Realism might be pushing it a little, but with a sufficiently delicacy of words in the fiddly bits, he might hit the particular slant of satire which would pass itself off as literary, while still making people laugh at teachers murdering their students who’d murdered other students….

Well, murder might not be necessary – the first poisoning could have been a prank, gone wrong or even gone right. Perhaps the parents were pushy and angry their child had been covered in boils for a class, resulting in the paperwork. That might make the teacher committing murder go very dark very fast, add seriousness to the whole tone, realism might not be altogether out. Might that make a better novel? He wished it was possible to get down all these treatments and try publishing them, but he was pretty sure that wasn’t done, multiple versions of the same story like that, different treatments….

He helped himself to hot chocolate as well while first considering all this and then remembering that if he ran with that idea he might now require permissions from Mary and might owe her a slice of any returns, which were hassles he’d rather not have to deal with if – when – he dipped his toes into the market again.

“Most of them, yes,” he said about Advanced Charms. “Half of them think it’s practical, and the rest think it’s an easy pass – until they get there, anyway,” he joked. He tried to make Charms fairly rigorous, but thought he must somehow be failing, as somehow, Kyte Collindale was doing unnervingly well, for him. Gray supposed the theory being removed from his lessons was helping somehow, but how had he taken to things like altering internal space so readily when some of the students who could actually say something coherent about how it worked and its relation to the Transfiguration theory of vanishing space had struggled? “Grading, though, that does get easier, the more you do it.” Mostly because it was fairly rare for schoolchildren to have any particularly insightful or original takes on the information; this was just a fact. He did always hold out some hope of someone writing something that made him laugh, though, and sometimes that did happen. “There’s only so many positions they can take on the ethics of cheering charms, you know? I’d guess it’s the same in Potions, but you’d know better than me.”

  • Two of my favorite things! - Mary Brooding, Wed Sep 12 02:18
    Mary was pretty proud of herself. She'd neither avoided interacting with her coworkers nor bounded on them upon the start of a new conversation. Two for two, really. Still, she couldn't help... more
    • Hm, to each their own I suppose. - Grayson Wright, Wed Sep 12 19:23
      • Isn't preference just the loveliest thing? - Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 15 19:43
        The way Professor Wright spoke about his students made Mary feel like he'd been teaching them for a very long time. She thought it best not to laugh when he was clearly feeling so grumpy towards... more
        • I'm not sure it has a physical appearance. - Grayson Wright, Mon Sep 17 14:50
          Gray thought about the issue of whether or not Charms is easy. “I think the…basic reason, I guess – Charms, there’s usually only changing one or two qualities of something – at least for their first... more
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