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Enjoying happy news
Thu Oct 11, 2018 08:37

Selina had tried to imagine all the worst possible things Nathan could possibly want to tell her that came under the banner of ‘discussing a personal matter.’ She had quite a good imagination, and a breadth of experience to draw upon for these musings. Cleo James, followed in quick succession by a magical plague, had proven to her that it was still entirely possible for the universe to out-do her, and she was not tempting fate by smugly assuming she had managed to imagine the worst, but she felt thoroughly prepared for a wide range of scenarios.

“Thank you,” she smiled, accepting the envelope, fairly sure she knew what was inside, and wondering whether the universe was choosing to surprise her in a good way, and this was all there was to it. That seemed too easy. Still, she took a moment to open the envelope and admire the invitation. Selina loved a wedding, she loved every detail, and that started with admiring the invite. She hadn’t been to a wedding in a while. In fact, the last one had been her own daughter’s. Her mother-of-the-bride hat would be too extravagant for someone else’s wedding, which meant she would have to purchase a new one. Well, what a terrible shame that was… “John and I will be delighted to attend,” she smiled at them.

And, as she had suspected, this was merely the butter up before a more serious matter. Though still a happy serious matter. At least, she hoped…

“Congratulations,” she smiled, deciding to treat it as wonderful news because she couldn’t think of anything worse than being asked ‘congratulations?’ as if it were a question. They were together. They were clearly planning on being a proper family, even if this wasn’t quite the right order to do things in. She suspected it might be somewhat unexpected but she was not going to suggest that it was unwelcome. She was also not going to try to do the math and work out which event had come first…

“Well…” she considered their request. She knew what usually happened when a teacher was a parent, but not when both parents were staff. “I’m not sure this is a situation we’ve had before, precisely. How do you see it working? When’s your due date?” she asked Isis, “And what do you plan to do about maternity leave? How do you both see the situation working, in terms of your jobs here?”

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    • Enjoying happy news - DH Skies, Thu Oct 11 08:37
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