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You have no idea how relieved I am!
Wed Oct 19, 2016 14:56 (XFF:,

“Hey, no need to look so alarmed,” Rory laughed, amused by Amelle’s reaction to his camping suggestion. “I wouldn’t let you get hurt,” he assured her. Seeing Matthias Gould’s unfortunate accident had made him fully realise the perils of his job, and also his own mortality. This hadn’t stopped Rory putting himself in dangerous situations (as the odd scar gained just that summer had proved) However, Rory had no intention of losing any limbs, and he definitely wasn’t going to put Amelle in unnecessary danger. “But we can do some more civilised camping trips as a practice run if you want!” He thought that could be quite fun, especially as it would mean more time alone with Amelle.

Growing up in Scotland, Rory had become accustomed to life in wilder parts. True, his family were pretty well-off, and owned a large house on their own island, but the Outer Hebrides provided a wonderful backdrop to a childhood spent mostly outdoors. Being accustomed to taking off for a few days and living off what he could find had been a great preparation for Rory’s travels later in life. However, that wasn’t to say that he wasn’t without comforts when he travelled. Wizarding tents were much better than the muggle equivalents, and Rory made sure to be prepared for most situations he might find himself in. Feather-light charms came in handy too.

Rory couldn’t help a fond smile as Amelle kissed his jaw, and he leant down to give her a quick kiss before breathing a sigh of relief at her next words. “I thought for a second I might have blown things,” he confessed. “If you hadn’t noticed, I’m not that used to navigating relationship things.” That was an understatement, as in the last ten years Rory hadn’t managed anything beyond the odd very short-term relationship. Always being on the move had made things hard, and as a result he was in the difficult position of wanting a long-term relationship without having much romantic experience at all. “I just wanted to make sure that you know what I’m thinking,” he explained. “I know us being colleagues could make things tricky, so I guess it’s good to make sure we’re on the same page before starting anything.”

Luckily for Rory, it did indeed seem like they were on the same page. Sitting there in front of the fire, with Amelle cuddled up in his arms, Rory felt happier than he could ever remember being, which was quite a statement for the young adventurer. This was one of those rare moments where there was absolutely nowhere else he’d rather be.

  • Good, I'm glad we feel the same! - Amelle, Mon Oct 17 16:30
    Amelle’s eyebrows shot up at Rory’s invitation for her to travel with him. Amelle didn’t really know what his traveling entailed. Would it be like camping around dangerous animals? Was it a group of... more
    • You have no idea how relieved I am! - Rory, Wed Oct 19 14:56
      • Amelle relaxed as Rory laughed off her expression. She must have looked more terrified at the idea of traveling than she had thought. That didn’t surprise her too much though as Amelle sometimes wore ... more
        • Comfortable enough to fall asleep? - Rory, Mon Oct 24 16:17
          Planning a camping trip was now officially on Rory’s list of things to do, and he was going to find the perfect place. Hopefully by next summer Amelle would feel confident enough to travel somewhere... more
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