Tabitha Hawthorne
So... I have big news... (tag Rory)
Mon Jan 7, 2019 11:58

Tabitha was happy to be back at Sonora, to be back home. Her first year of teaching had definitely had its ups and downs but had finished on a high that the Defence professor hadn't quite come down from. She still woke up every morning expecting everything that had happened to be nothing more than a distant dream. It was still so incredible that Mary Brooding had accepted Tabitha's proposal, that she was now her fiancee. It had been an unbelievable year and Tabitha could only hope that this year was just as good, if not better. After all, they were planning their wedding and wasn't that supposed to be the best day of Tabitha's life?

It was with thoughts of her upcoming nuptials that Tabitha made her way to the staff lounge. She had sent a short letter to fellow Professor and long time friend Rory, requesting that he meet with her. Having known each other since Hogwarts and grown close again over the last year - sharing tales of adventures all over the world, bonding over troubles in the classroom and, on more than one occasion, washing it all down with a glass of wine - it seemed to Tabitha that only Rory could fulfil this particular job she had in mind for him. She just hoped that he would accept.

She found the staff lounge empty and immediately went to brew a pot of tea. Tabitha would admit to being a touch nervous about the upcoming conversation with her friend and she needed something to try and take the edge off - a splash of firewhiskey would've also done the trick but it wasn't socially acceptable to be drinking in the early afternoon. Or to drink in the staff lounge. Or really, outside of her own quarters. Tea would do just fine.

She was just sitting herself down on a particularly comfortable and squashy armchair, a flick of her wand summoning the teapot and accompanying cups and saucers, when she heard the door to the lounge open. She smiled at the familiar and friendly face of Rory.

"Hey! Would you like some tea?"

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