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Seeking help [tag Mary Brooding]
Tue Feb 12, 2019 05:46

Selina tried to balance the degree to which she frequented the staff room. She was aware that she was, to everyone except Mortimer, ‘the boss’ (though Tarquin had a hard time talking to her that way, which was one of the reasons she frequented his office - it was nice to occasionally be someone’s long-standing friend, rather than the Deputy Headmistress, or The Head of Crotalus, or the Transfiguration Professor). People needed space from their bosses in order to gossip about them, or if not them personally, the establishment, the children in it, or any of the other myriad unprofessional thoughts that a group of teachers needed to sometimes get off their chests without worrying it would impact their next performance evaluation. On the other hand, familiarity bred trust and comfort. She could not be ‘one of them’ any more, but she could be friendly and accessible, and holing herself up in her office would not make that the case. So, she was an occasional visitor.

Today, her primary goal was not actually being sociable or fostering a sense of trust and accessibility. It was cookies. She had decided that she was not allowed them in her own office, and nor was she to summon the elves to bring them. If she wanted cookies, she had to want them enough to be bothered to go to the staff room and get them. That stopped her from excessive snacking, curbing the times she did it out of boredom during a particularly long stack of marking. It also meant that she had walked and thus exercised in order to acquire them, and therefore their calories were less damaging. Probably in the same way that being hexed whilst already on the floor was ‘less damaging’ but it made her feel better.

She had acquired a mug of coffee and a cookie, when the door opened.

“Ah,” she smiled, as Mary Brooding came in, “I was going to come and see you after my snack break. Nothing horrible,” she added quickly, aware that her position made those words potentially terrifying. Given that she wasn’t sure her assurances that it was nothing horrible would be fully reassuring, she cut straight to the point.

“I wanted to ask you about veela. Particularly whether you have any friends in that community. I don’t mean your ex, I wouldn’t ask you to… But whether you knew anyone else through her? I have been trying to work with Cleo on using and controlling her powers, but it’s not exactly a subject I’m deeply familiar with, and it feels like there’s only so far I can take it. You mentioned you’d be happy to help.

“It seems like… incidents where she uses her powers are becoming more frequent. And it seems at least partially related to her liking someone. And I think she finds it confusing to try to know what that means. So, it might not only be about her powers.

“Her father wasn’t very open to the idea of her mixing with veela at first - I don’t think he has a particularly favourable impression of them - but I think he’s come round to the idea that it’s really the only way to help her.”

    • Offering it! - Professor Mary Brooding, Tue Feb 12 22:37
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