You can target me a little bit
Wed Feb 13, 2019 20:21

“Well, practice makes perfect,” Isaac replied with an encouraging smile.

Isaac’s brain was already packed full, and some of it slipped back into consciousness as he walked over to the couch. There was always something to think about with the concert performance, Quidditch tryouts, Prefect duties, and future exams to study for, not to mention his future. Isaac knew what he wanted to do, he just needed to make the grades to get there. The anxiety pushed him to study harder along with the hope of getting into a healer training program right out of graduation. As long as he could understand these convoluted theories, then maybe he'd have a chance.

Isaac glanced at Cleo, wondering if she would sit and study with him, or if he should ask her outright if she would study with him. It seemed selfish to ask though, when she needed to do more practice with spells and he had to try to understand Transfiguration theories.

He opened his mouth to tell Cleo she could keep practicing, but she moved on to work on something different… at a different couch. Maybe she was avoiding him, but there wasn’t any feasible reason in his mind as to why she would. He couldn’t remember either of them doing anything wrong or offensive. Maybe she was shy or didn’t want to impose. Luckily Isaac wasn’t shy. That much.

Isaac smothered the tangles in his stomach and, after a moment of hesitation, picked up his stuff and walked over to her. “Can I join you?” he asked. It was always safer to ask than to assume, a piece of advice his mom and sisters had engrained in him since childhood. He really did need to study, but spending time with Cleo right now was honestly more of a priority to him.

  • Trying my best not to target you - Cleo, Mon Feb 11 07:35
    It was Isaac. And Cleo found herself realising that there was no one she would rather have catching her throwing books around the room. Ok, sure it was a little embarrassing, but he was being really... more
    • You can target me a little bit - Isaac, Wed Feb 13 20:21
      • Are you sure that's wise? - Cleo, Thu Feb 14 07:20
        He was coming over! It seemed like he hadn't been deliberately putting space between them after all. Cleo tried to ignore the part of her brain that said maybe he should, and that if he wasn't going... more
        • Pretty sure - Isaac, Sun Feb 17 19:44
          Immediately after Cleo told him she didn't want to make his brain go wobbly, Isaac blushed and turned his face away as he set up his books. He knew she was talking about her Veela powers, but even... more
          • Pretty indecisive - Cleo, Mon Feb 18 08:06
            He was okay with it. And he took a seat. And then left. And… seemed to be trying to… shake something off? She was pretty sure she hadn’t been doing anything. She thought she was getting better at... more
            • Pretty cautious - Isaac, Tue Feb 19 00:29
              Isaac smiled when she returned his teasing, but then the air got tense and she moved away a little. His smile faltered. Did something happen? She looked self-conscious, but then she said something... more
              • Better than being a cautionary tale - Cleo, Wed Feb 20 07:58
                "You have such a big family," she commented, when Isaac talked about who might be coming to the concert. It seemed sort of sad that his dad and his other sister wouldn't be there. He had mentioned... more
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