DH Skies
Accepting it
Thu Feb 14, 2019 08:17

Mary Brooding had either run out of utensils (and couldn’t be bothered to Transfigure them) and thus been spreading peanut butter using a spoon or she had been eating spoonfuls of it. Selina was pretty sure she had done both of those things in her twenties. And her thirties. She wasn’t going to judge.

She smiled when Mary was not only able to suggest people, but able to suggest very stable sounding married people, with experiences quite relevant to Cleo’s. Selina appreciated both elements of this very much. She wasn’t sure how common it was for veela to marry humans, and she found herself slightly surprised at having two such suitable options. But then, as Mary had dated one, maybe it was… some sort of community, the more… liberal ones, who were okay with that sort of thing. She suspected not all veela were.

“They both sound like good options. Perhaps the one with older children would have more time on her hands, and might better know how to deal with a teenage veela and the questions she’s likely to have. But it would be great if you could write to them both - just let them know the basics, that we have a half-veela student and we’re looking for someone to work with her to help her understand her powers better - and if they’re interested, they can write back directly to me letting me know what times would be suitable for me to Floo call them.

“Thank you,” she smiled warmly. She was sure MACUSA could have put her in touch with someone, but it felt much better knowing a bit about the people they might be involving in her student’s life.

“Everything going alright with you?” she checked. She had no reason to suspect it wasn’t - Mary seemed happy, and the students seemed to like her, from what Selina heard on the grapevine, but it seemed a good chance to check in.

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    • Accepting it - DH Skies, Thu Feb 14 08:17
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