I prefer jewellery for that. Or wine.
Sun Feb 17, 2019 08:43

“Oh, you know Transfiguration - things are always changing,” Selina replied. It was a terrible joke. It was a terrible joke that she had been using for several decades. It still made her smile.

She listened curiously as Mary seemed to be building up to saying… something. And then the phrase ‘our wedding’ was blurted out.

“Congratulations,” Selina smiled. She was well used to dealing with surprises, and managed to get that default and expected reaction out whilst her brain processed the anxious jumble that Mary had presented. “Hang on, Tabitha as in… our Tabitha?” she asked. It was not a common name. And, frankly, whilst working at a boarding school, who else was Mary going to meet? Obviously it was their Tabitha. “I had no idea you two were involved,” she remarked, pleasantly and politely, no suggestion of censure in her voice, “I must say you’ve kept that very discreet,” if anything, that part almost sounded approving.

“If I’m able to, I’d love to come, but Christmas can be such a busy time. My daughter’s expecting her first baby, so we’ll be back to Christmasses with a little one in the house,” she beamed, obviously delighted by the idea, even if she preferred to phrase it as her daughter having a baby rather than she herself becoming a g- well, she would deal with that word once there was a baby attached to make it much more palatable. “You’ll have to let me know when you’ve settled on a firm date,” she added, not assuming for a second that Mary meant Christmas of this year. Just… a Christmas, in general - some people wanted a wedding at a particular time of year - once they found a venue they liked that availability. It was a popular time to get married after all.

  • Like Christmas! - Mary Brooding, Sat Feb 16 03:12
    Professor Skies seemed so happy about this whole thing and Mary wondered how long this had been weighing on her mind. The fact that she was seeking out another professional on the matter should... more
    • I prefer jewellery for that. Or wine. - Selina, Sun Feb 17 08:43
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