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Liam Ammon
Finders keepers?
Fri Nov 4, 2016 04:04

The staff lounge still felt a little foreign to Liam. It was like he wasn’t actually supposed to be there, and if he got caught, he’d get detention for sure. Thankfully, these thoughts never left his head, otherwise people might actually start to question him. He had himself together, for the most part, it was just so strange seeing all the behind the scenes stuff he’d missed when he was going to school here. While the lounge itself wasn’t as awesomely decorated as his office was, the chances of running into a co-worker were definitely higher here, and the couch trumped his terrible desk chair. Liam had just finished looking over the results of the day’s lesson when the door to the lounge opened. He jumped a little, feeling a little like a kid with his hand stuck in the cookie jar, but it didn’t appear that the witch that entered cared he was there at all. Actually, Liam couldn’t be sure that she even noticed he was in there as she seemed to be searching for something.

His icy blue eyes watched her from beneath a furrowed brow as she moved about the room. He was about to ask if she needed help when she finally spotted him. Liam smiled and gave a small, slightly awkward wave, when the woman greeted him. “Hey., but let me just…” Liam started as he stacked his papers neatly and set them on the floor before rising from the couch to search the cushions.

“A-ha!” Liam exclaimed, as he liberated the toy from the seat he was just occupying. “It appears that I’ve been sitting on him for the last hour. My bad.” Liam said with an embarrassed grin as he offered the stuffed hippogriff to his co-worker. “He’s warm now though, so he’s got that going for him.” As he neared the woman, and really got a good look at her, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity. Liam paused for a moment, narrowing his eyes slightly as he tried to figure out why he knew her, aside from the fact that the obviously worked at the same place, and he’d seen her around. “This is probably going to sound weird, so I’m sorry, but...was your last name Jamison?”

It’d had been many years since he’d gone to school at Sonora, but the potions professor bore a striking resemblance to the former Pecari Quidditch Captain Sophia Jamison. She was wearing a ring afterall, so it was possible. He didn’t really know Sophie when he was in school, given that she was a few years older than he was, and young Liam was definitely not an athlete. He was the exact opposite, actually. He’d been an awkward, chubby child who preferred comics to sports. It was hard not to know who your house Quidditch captain was though, considering how big the sport was at Sonora.

Puberty had been very kind to Liam. He shot up in height, learned to manage his weight, and since he was now in charge of his own hair, it actually had some sense of style. He looked the part of a respectable adult, and not the dorky pre-teen he’d been when he’d left Sonora. He was grateful for that. Internally though, Liam was still very much the goofy kid he’d always been.

"So, if the hippogriff yours, or do you have kids?"

  • The (staff room) search - Sophie O'Malley , Thu Nov 3 02:51
    4:13pm on a Thursday evening was not a time that commonly found Sophie in the staff lounge. In fact, she was usually well on her way home by this time, her office hours for the day ending around... more
    • Finders keepers? - Liam Ammon, Fri Nov 4 04:04
      • It was the new Muggle Studies professor--a young looking dude, Something Ammon, she believed--upon whom she stumbled. She appreciated his gesture of searching the couch for her, and, much to her... more
        • No tears necessary - Liam, Sat Nov 12 02:36
          “You’re welcome. Glad I could be of assistance.” Liam laughed, if Sophie’s house was anything like his was growing up, she was very right. He didn’t have any kids of his own yet, (or nieces or... more
          • That's always a plus - Sophie, Sat Nov 12 04:33
            Sophie looked up at Liam with scrutinizing but kind eyes, attempting to imagine him as an awkward, short, apparently chubby third year. That was obviously a lot of changes, since it’d been about a... more
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