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It's the "losers weepers" part I'm concerned about
Sat Nov 5, 2016 01:00

It was the new Muggle Studies professor--a young looking dude, Something Ammon, she believed--upon whom she stumbled. She appreciated his gesture of searching the couch for her, and, much to her relief, he was successful in locating the runaway hippogriff plush. “That’s not an issue,” she said with a laugh in regards to sitting on the poor guy. “I promise you aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last, either. Thanks a bunch.”

She accepted the animal back from him and shoved it back in her bag, shrinking slightly at his scrutinous looks. Something Ammon inquired to her maiden name, correctly guessing at it, at which point she returned the narrow-eyed expression he wore. If he recognized her, that meant she probably ought to recognize him back, but she was drawing a complete blank. “Yes, actually…. Do I know you?” He didn’t quite seem familiar, but he didn’t look like a perfect stranger, either, she realized upon further inspection, teetering just on the cusp of familiarity.

He had to be younger than her, she thought. Sophie herself looked a bit younger than she was, thanks partially to her diminutive size and partially to her mother’s good genetics. If he’d gone to Sonora, that would account for the almost-recognition. After all, she’d been fairly memorable as a Quidditch Captain; aside from the fancy family last names, those were the kinds of titles people remembered, the kinds of names they noticed. But aside from Ryan’s relatives, she had never really known many of the students behind her very well, except for perhaps the Quidditch team members.

In response to his latest question--was the hippogriff hers, or did she have kids?--the Pecari alumna held up two fingers. “Two kids,” she smiled fondly. “Little boys who, apparently, like to stick things in their mother’s purse. Maybe they thought I needed a little friend to keep me company during office hours. It can get a little boring. You probably know that, though. Hopefully you’re acclimating to the teacher life well?”

  • Finders keepers? - Liam Ammon, Fri Nov 4 04:04
    The staff lounge still felt a little foreign to Liam. It was like he wasn’t actually supposed to be there, and if he got caught, he’d get detention for sure. Thankfully, these thoughts never left his ... more
    • It's the "losers weepers" part I'm concerned about - Sophie, Sat Nov 5 01:00
      • No tears necessary - Liam, Sat Nov 12 02:36
        “You’re welcome. Glad I could be of assistance.” Liam laughed, if Sophie’s house was anything like his was growing up, she was very right. He didn’t have any kids of his own yet, (or nieces or... more
        • That's always a plus - Sophie, Sat Nov 12 04:33
          Sophie looked up at Liam with scrutinizing but kind eyes, attempting to imagine him as an awkward, short, apparently chubby third year. That was obviously a lot of changes, since it’d been about a... more
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