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That's always a plus
Sat Nov 12, 2016 04:33

Sophie looked up at Liam with scrutinizing but kind eyes, attempting to imagine him as an awkward, short, apparently chubby third year. That was obviously a lot of changes, since it’d been about a decade or something since that time, but there still had to be something there of what he’d been. “Oh, hey!” she exclaimed, recognition setting in, and, thankfully, she also managed to remember his first name now. “Yeah! I thought you looked kinda familiar, but I couldn’t place it until now. Good job on getting tall. You’ll have to tell me your secrets,” she added jokingly. At just under five foot, she was pretty sure most school years had first years taller than she was.

“Oh, God,” she groaned, tossing her head back at his next inquiry. She was a bit amused that he remembered Carrie, mostly because he couldn’t have pleasant memories and she liked as many people as possible to know what a bundle of waste that girl had always been. “Yes, unfortunately, everybody’s favorite Miss Carrie O’Malley is my sister-in-law, although I am thrilled to report that we haven’t heard anything from her in years now. My husband Ryan shares the same genes as her, but that’s where the resemblance stops. Complete opposites.” Sophie did have a vague curiosity about what became of that fruitcake. She certainly doubted any man wanted to marry that, even for societal connection benefits. That meant Carrie probably still lived with her even more awful mother. Even beyond it being a safe bet, she didn’t care enough to make inquiries. The only thing she could ever imagine needing or wanting Carrie for was if one of her boys got sick and needed a kidney or something, and Sophie had no problem with taking one of Carrie’s by force.

And speaking of her boys: “Thanks, we are,” she beamed. Nothing had ever made her more proud in her whole life, which had been a major shock to her that had only really set in when she held a bundle in each arm the day they were born. “I so feel you on the office hours thing. I only teach three days a week, so the other two I’m just sitting around in case anyone’s got questions. I do make Coach Grase keep me company part of the time, though. You’re welcome to pop by or join us for lunch or something, by the way.” Sophie was, she thought, the staff baby prior to Liam’s employment, depending on when Amelle’s birthday fell. Though not a title she was completely certain she had worn, it did feel nice to have someone else wear it. Not being the baby felt a touch more professional.

“It’s super fun,” she said of teaching Potions. “Truthfully I never really saw myself as a teacher, more like an apothecary or something, but sometimes life just has other plans. I do love it, though. And it’s so nice to get to come back to the same classroom that I basically grew up in.” She imagined he could relate, to an extent; his class had not been an option during their school days. “What about Muggle Studies? I wish we would’ve had that option when we were students. It seems interesting.”

  • No tears necessary - Liam, Sat Nov 12 02:36
    “You’re welcome. Glad I could be of assistance.” Liam laughed, if Sophie’s house was anything like his was growing up, she was very right. He didn’t have any kids of his own yet, (or nieces or... more
    • That's always a plus - Sophie, Sat Nov 12 04:33
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