It sure brings things out of people.
Thu Dec 29, 2016 14:58

“Phoenix?” Isis repeated, doing her best to squash the immediate bubble of anxiety that filled her chest. She had just settled her mother in that very city, and that was not a run-in she really wanted to have. It was a big city, though, so the odds were low, especially when her mother wouldn’t know her way around and was, Isis imagined, unlikely to venture out. Still, maybe she had placed her mother too close. How often would Isis be in Phoenix, especially with others? Would she panic every time it came up?

“Sounds nice,” she forced out as convincingly as possible. “I’ll, ah, have to check my bank account - might be a bit low after the holiday - but definitely let me know when that happens.” Fortunately a gift-giving holiday made a decent excuse for low funds, so she could refrain from spelling out the bills she was now paying for the apartment in Phoenix. Isis had lived in poverty from birth until Sonora, so she was hardly too proud to discuss money, but the cause of this particular financial imposition she was not yet prepared to discuss.

She swallowed. Nathan’s question was quite harmless, really, but the answer was, as most things in her life tended to be, a bit complicated. “Oh, uh, yeah,” she managed. “I’ll be running out again at some point tomorrow or the day after. Won’t be too long, though. Short annual thing.” I’m visiting my brother. He’s in jail, she added mentally, scorning her own private nature. It wasn’t like Nathan would hold it against her - she knew that - but she just wasn’t one for words.

Isis glanced at the table, at the leather-bound volume she brought with her, and had an idea.

She sat down her tea and grabbed the album. Maybe if she wasn’t going to talk about herself and her life, she could use the pictures to let her life speak for itself. “Want to look through this with me?” she asked, cracking open the nearly untouched leather. “It’s, um, the Carter family photo album.” It was perhaps the least enthusiastic-sounding introduction to anything in history, but the message was clear: she was trying.

  • Yes indeed - Nathan , Fri Dec 23 10:45
    Nathan smiled, pleased that she seemed to like the tea. He had noticed she tended more to the coffee end of the hot beverage spectrum, but peppermint tea was a family staple at Christmas time for... more
    • It sure brings things out of people. - Isis , Thu Dec 29 14:58
      • Like photo albums? - Nathan, Sat Dec 31 22:00
        "Great," Nathan smiled, sure his mom would love seeing her again and his dad had been asking when he got to meet the lady who finally broke Nathan's long streak of bachelorhood. "And don't worry... more
        • And mistakes. - Isis, Mon Jan 2 03:05
          “Oh, no, you don’t have to-” Isis began immediately, but her protests died in her throat. She didn’t like hand outs, but, as she reminded herself, letting him buy lunch once was not the same thing.... more
          • It hurts - Nathan, Fri Jan 13 11:29
            Ooc: First let me apologize profusely for an illegally short post last time. I had premature submission and had to run to do New Years Eve family stuff, and there was already a reply before I could... more
            • You can say that again. - Isis, Sat Jan 14 03:51
              His arm stretched around her. She didn’t lean into it, but still. It was… nice. “Was it… what?” Of course. Of course Nathan was being kind and supportive and sympathetic and understanding and... more
              • It hurts - Nathan , Wed Jan 18 12:02
                Nathan was going to go ahead and assume 'a very rough time before this job' was about equivalent to saying 'Santa had a lot of places to visit tomorrow night.' True certainly, but beyond the limits... more
                • Hopefully it's a meaningful hurt. - Isis, Fri Jan 20 01:30
                  “I’m not going anywhere so you don’t need to worry about that.” He said more than that, and all of quite reassuring and kind and wonderful, but that was what stood out. It was an easy thing to say -... more
                  • Nathan held Isis, feeling closer to her now than he ever had before, though this was not the first time they had snuggled on a couch before. This was different somehow; deeper. He could almost see... more
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