And mistakes.
Mon Jan 2, 2017 03:05

“Oh, no, you don’t have to-” Isis began immediately, but her protests died in her throat. She didn’t like hand outs, but, as she reminded herself, letting him buy lunch once was not the same thing. After all, it did say this time, not like he was offering to buy her things forever. Plus, this was what people in relationships did, wasn’t it? They were kind to one another, and sometimes that meant trading off who was paying. She would have to try to find the funds to return the favor later. “That sounds lovely, actually,” she said with a forced change in tone “Thank you.”

“Am I going to get to see a tiny you?”

“And a whole lot more,” she stated with a weak smile, pulling the leather open. “My mother put this together, but she isn’t the craftiest person, so bear with me.” The photos were in chronological order, beginning with her parents’ wedding photo (featuring the tiniest stomach bump who would be named Kamri). There were her older siblings’ baby photos, along with their first several years, before Isis’s own. “That’s me,” she said, pointing out the photo. There was not one of her mother holding her, the first one a posed picture of the three siblings dressed up for Christmas. Isis was months old, her sister and brother about eight and seven respectively.

There was a single photo of her and her father, and she was two years old in it. “He died when I was very small,” she explained. She left out the details of his death, the Detroit police officer who decided out while black was a crime punishable with his life.

Time went on. Isis got bigger. There was a picture of Isis at thirteen standing with her sister, their arms linked. Kamri looked aged beyond her mere twenty-one years. Tired. Before them stood another girl, just three years old. Their dresses all matched. “Our kid sister, Sasha.” Isis mentioned briefly about Sasha’s father, how he’d left them.

Then there was no more Kamri. It was a time of more photos than other years, so the emptiness was obvious. Isis didn’t feel the need to point it out. Still, even in the photos where Isis or their mother seemed beaten down, Jahmaal was always smiling. So was Sasha.

But then came a photo she hadn’t thought to expect. The caption beneath it, her mother’s scribbled but legible print: My baby, with her baby. It was Isis asleep on the couch. Fifteen years old and decidedly pregnant. No older than Alfie’s kid brother was now.

When she recovered enough from the shock to react, she slammed the album shut. “I didn’t know…. That picture….” she fumbled helplessly. “I said no photos when I…” The damage was done, though; there was no way he hadn’t seen it, hadn’t read the caption and compared it to her extended belly in the photograph above it.

Isis didn’t look up. She couldn’t. She just stared at the front cover of the closed photo album. “I’m sorry.”

  • Like photo albums? - Nathan, Sat Dec 31 22:00
    "Great," Nathan smiled, sure his mom would love seeing her again and his dad had been asking when he got to meet the lady who finally broke Nathan's long streak of bachelorhood. "And don't worry... more
    • And mistakes. - Isis, Mon Jan 2 03:05
      • It hurts - Nathan, Fri Jan 13 11:29
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        • You can say that again. - Isis, Sat Jan 14 03:51
          His arm stretched around her. She didn’t lean into it, but still. It was… nice. “Was it… what?” Of course. Of course Nathan was being kind and supportive and sympathetic and understanding and... more
          • It hurts - Nathan , Wed Jan 18 12:02
            Nathan was going to go ahead and assume 'a very rough time before this job' was about equivalent to saying 'Santa had a lot of places to visit tomorrow night.' True certainly, but beyond the limits... more
            • Hopefully it's a meaningful hurt. - Isis, Fri Jan 20 01:30
              “I’m not going anywhere so you don’t need to worry about that.” He said more than that, and all of quite reassuring and kind and wonderful, but that was what stood out. It was an easy thing to say -... more
              • Nathan held Isis, feeling closer to her now than he ever had before, though this was not the first time they had snuggled on a couch before. This was different somehow; deeper. He could almost see... more
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