It hurts
Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:02

Nathan was going to go ahead and assume 'a very rough time before this job' was about equivalent to saying 'Santa had a lot of places to visit tomorrow night.' True certainly, but beyond the limits of conversational language to fully express the enormity of it.

"Oh," he said, when she got to the part about giving away her baby, an almost relieved sound. That was a better scenario than the one he'd imagined, but doubtless difficult in its own right. And that meant there was a child out there who . . .

"Oh," he said again, more surprised this time, because he hadn't been expecting to actually know the daughter his girlfriend gave up for adoption when she was just a baby. They didn't look a lot alike. Neveah really must favor her father in looks, but there had been moments of resemblance, few and mostly just in this last half year, though he had easily dismissed them as spending larger amounts of time with Isis which then made him project some of her features onto the only other black person currently at the school (which had consequently made him feel guilty for an apparent racial insensitivity). It was actually good to know there might have been some reality behind those flashes after all.

"It's," he started to reassure reflexively, but the word 'okay' that he'd been intending to use to finish that sentence was maybe not the correct one given the circumstances. "It's a lot to take in," he revised, "but I'm glad you trust me enough to share it," he smiled at her in a way he hoped was comforting and reassuring. "I'm not going anywhere so don't worry about that. Take as long as you need to sort through the other half of your first twenty five years, and when you're ready, I'm told I'm a good listener. No rush, though, I may need a little time yet to process through this half." He smiled at her with just a hint of self-effacing humor, hoping that she would understand he was mostly just trying to lighten the atmosphere.

Though a few hours of processing time, at minimum, might actually be required once he was back in Teppenpaw territory.

"Have," he stopped, struggling to figure out the question he was trying to ask, "Is Neveah one of the people you'll be visiting for Christmas then? If you're going to be with your daughter, you don't need to hurry back to Pheonix to see my folks."

  • You can say that again. - Isis, Sat Jan 14 03:51
    His arm stretched around her. She didn’t lean into it, but still. It was… nice. “Was it… what?” Of course. Of course Nathan was being kind and supportive and sympathetic and understanding and... more
    • It hurts - Nathan , Wed Jan 18 12:02
      • Hopefully it's a meaningful hurt. - Isis, Fri Jan 20 01:30
        “I’m not going anywhere so you don’t need to worry about that.” He said more than that, and all of quite reassuring and kind and wonderful, but that was what stood out. It was an easy thing to say -... more
        • Nathan held Isis, feeling closer to her now than he ever had before, though this was not the first time they had snuggled on a couch before. This was different somehow; deeper. He could almost see... more
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