Savannah Brockert
All by myself
Tue Apr 18, 2017 14:23

Savannah sighed, glancing at the prefect badge on her robes. It shouldn't be there. It wasn't hers, it was Aiden's. He should be here, not his stupid badge. Here next to her in the Prefect Lounge as she was now Head Girl, something apparently she had earned, that while never specifically setting out to attain and never felt entitled to, her classmates thought she deserved.

Still, this vote of confidence by her peers, the fact that they did like her-she'd never thought she was disliked but always assumed Joella and possibly Makenzie were more popular-did little to improve her mood. Savannah wanted Aiden . Other than Scarlett of course, there was nobody she'd ever been as close to. She loved the rest of her family, but Aiden had just been special.

And now she was alone. Not just in the lounge, which as Scarlett couldn't enter and Liac couldn't enter and Tobi wouldn't be able to enter if he wasn't gone too and thus she had no real reason to even go in here, except that she could, but just...alone .

She tried not to cry again. Not here, not where others could be even if they weren't the others she wanted. Not even Kelsey. Crying in front of the Crotalus wasn't an appealing prospect. Savannah's cousin was the model of conventional propriety and even the seventh year wasn't convinced that Kelsey had any emotional capability other than disgust and horror and even that she tried to hide.

And now, Savannah had to start all over. She hadn't been involved in the same finding a suitable partner ritual that her sister and cousins had. Everyone-herself included-assumed she'd been taken care of. Now she was getting a late start to something that she didn't even want a part of. Before it would have been okay, but now she just wanted what she'd had.

    • Have room for one more? - Makenzie Newell, Fri May 5 02:41
      Makenzie entered the prefects lounge with her Charms textbook in tow, prepared to do some studying. It was a nice place to study, she had found previously. Crotalus was fine, although she had very... more
      • I guess so - Savannah, Mon May 15 20:05
        Savannah looked up at the sound of Makenzie Newell's voice. "Um, well..." She wasn't sure. She wasn't sure what she wanted other than what she could not have. And was it okay to talk to Makenzie? So... more
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