Makenzie Newell
Have room for one more?
Fri May 5, 2017 02:41

Makenzie entered the prefects lounge with her Charms textbook in tow, prepared to do some studying. It was a nice place to study, she had found previously. Crotalus was fine, although she had very little will-power to get her work done if Araceli was around - through no fault of the blonde’s, of course, it was just that Makenzie got chatty when in quarters with her best friend - and the library tended to be more populated. The prefects lounge was simply more private.

When she arrived, however, all thoughts of homework were lost as she caught a glance of Savannah Brockert. The Head Girl didn’t look necessarily like she had been crying, but the expression on her face was one that to Makenzie suggested the possibility of crying in the near future. Makenzie didn’t know Savannah very well - they had a familiarity, as (once) members of similar social circles, and because they were yearmates in a relatively small school - and in fact it had taken a while for her to be able to identify her from her identical twin sister, Scarlett. Figuring out and remembering Houses had helped, but of course, only one of them was permitted in here, and only one of them wore badges.

Still, Makenzie couldn’t stand the idea of Savannah bursting into tears any time soon, and she couldn’t help think about her own excursions with crying in technically public locations, and how a friendly smile and kind word had done so much for her. It made her miss Tobi even more.

“Hey, Savannah?” the redhead called softly as she approached. “Are you okay? Do you, um… do you want to talk about it?” Makenzie sat down on the edge of the couch to give Savannah all the space she might want, and laid her textbook down on the coffee table before them. She faced her yearmate attentively; she was all hers, if she wanted to talk.

  • All by myself - Savannah Brockert, Tue Apr 18 14:23
    Savannah sighed, glancing at the prefect badge on her robes. It shouldn't be there. It wasn't hers, it was Aiden's. He should be here, not his stupid badge. Here next to her in the Prefect Lounge as... more
    • Have room for one more? - Makenzie Newell, Fri May 5 02:41
      • I guess so - Savannah, Mon May 15 20:05
        Savannah looked up at the sound of Makenzie Newell's voice. "Um, well..." She wasn't sure. She wasn't sure what she wanted other than what she could not have. And was it okay to talk to Makenzie? So... more
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