I guess so
Mon May 15, 2017 20:05

Savannah looked up at the sound of Makenzie Newell's voice. "Um, well..." She wasn't sure. She wasn't sure what she wanted other than what she could not have. And was it okay to talk to Makenzie? So far, the Teppenpaw hadn't been really talking to anyone about this, not even Scarlett. In part, because Scarlett had a prospect of her own now and the Teppenpaw didn't want to trample on her sister's happiness.

The other thing was that it was really really hard to talk to people about. Savannah didn't entirely know what to say. She was unaccustomed to being in the position of needing comfort and she couldn't say it was a position she even remotely enjoyed as it was one with quite a bit of misery involved. Savannah couldn't imagine why anyone would want to feel this way.

And was it okay to talk to Makenzie about this? Not only because she hadn't talked to Scarlett,not really, but because the Crotalus had been through something much worse. Savannah still had her social position and her family intact. She just didn't have her future secured with the person she wanted it secured with. Arguably, someone else would still want to marry her. It was just that Savannah only wanted what she'd had.

Well, that, at least, would probably be something Makenzie would understand.

Plus she was genuinely afraid that she'd start crying if she tried to talk right now. At all. About anything. And Savannah was afraid that if she cried, someone less sympathetic than Makenzie might come in.

Yet, she couldn't say nothing at all either because that would be rude. Savannah replied "Um, I-I'm not sure."

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    • I guess so - Savannah, Mon May 15 20:05
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