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Fri Jan 19, 2018 19:33

Selina waited, letting Nathan let it all out. It was no thankfully. In spite of his panicking, she was pretty sure of that. She felt lost in spite of it. She had had no idea how Nathan was going to react. A small part of her had expected him to be angry with her for even asking, and she was glad he wasn’t. But she had no frame of reference for this. Was this going well? Of course not. There could be no ‘going well.’ It was just all so horrible.

“If there’s nothing you remember, it’s because nothing’s happened. You would know, even if you had missing time - you’d have felt disoriented. If you’ve got no missing time, and you’ve never… found yourself in a compromising position with Ms. James, you have nothing to worry about.

“You don’t have to make an account of yourself to anyone but me,” she assured him, when he talked about it ‘looking bad.’ “We have no reason to believe anything has happened. But we have to check. If someone had… I mean, it’s likely they’d be very confused about the situation. They might not have known how to say anything… I’m sure her father will be reassured to know that she hasn’t been alone with you as often as he feared-” was ‘feared’ a bad choice of word? It probably was, but it was accurate. But judging by Nathan’s comment about the concert, he was well aware of Mr. James’ feelings towards him. “It’s been worrying him a lot,” she admitted what Nathan already seemed to know, “I think partly it’s because he knows it’s his own fault. He should have said something sooner, and now, if anything has happened to Cleo… It wouldn’t be just that. It would be living with the guilt.

“Cleo will be made to understand that she cannot pop in on you unannounced. But with one of the elves present… Does that sound like something you can-” can what? What verb did she need? Cope with?. Nathan seemed so panicked. And she understood his fear. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, and was being told that he might lose all ability to keep that within his control…. “It would be good for her, if the relationships she has built don’t just crumble away from her now. She’s half veela, but she’s half lost, frightened little girl too. We have to manage both,” she sighed. That was it… The whole crux of it. How to comfort Cleo? How to continue to treat her like a person. How to convince her that she wasn’t a monster, whilst making sure she couldn’t do monstrous things, that would damage her and others?

“Really?” she blinked, when he disclosed that he was dating Isis. She normally would have had more tact, but she supposed she must have used up her reserves. “I must be out of touch with the gossipmill, I had no idea,” she added, hoping that that made convincing enough cover for her surprise, which in truth stemmed from the fact that there was a sizeable age gap between the two of them and, well she wouldn’t have exactly considered Nathan to be Isis’ type. But then, what did she know? She knew certain things about Isis that were confidential… Or rather, that were about Nevaeh. Did Nathan know that, she wondered? “But no, that’s not any of my business.” It didn’t matter to the case at hand - all it proved was that Nathan was attracted to women, which meant he was someone who needed supervising with Cleo.

  • Oh this is not good at all - Nathan Xavier, Fri Jan 19 18:14
    Nathan was surprised to be summoned away from the orientation shortly after he finished his speech. The new students didn't seem to need him much at this point, and it would still be over an hour... more
    • There are not site-appropriate words for what it is - DH Skies, Fri Jan 19 19:33
      • Couldn't agree more - Nathan, Fri Jan 19 22:36
        "Okay, that's good. Then nothing's happened." Nathan said after Selina clarified that he'd know it if something had. "Not with me, anyway," he added with a grimace. "Not that I think or have reason... more
        • Right. Well then. - Selina, Sat Jan 20 10:26
          He got it. That, surely, was half the battle. There was a whole barrage of issues to deal with here… Some people might not take it seriously - or rather, wouldn’t be able to see the danger they... more
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