Couldn't agree more
Fri Jan 19, 2018 22:36

"Okay, that's good. Then nothing's happened." Nathan said after Selina clarified that he'd know it if something had. "Not with me, anyway," he added with a grimace. "Not that I think or have reason to believe anyone else has, it's just . . . this is an awful situation all around." He rubbed his temple. "Gah. Not that it's Cleo's fault, poor kid."

He grimaced again as Selina confirmed Nathan's fears that Mr. James had fears about Nathan, and worse, had told them to the deputy Headmistress. Not that Nathan blamed him; if a parent had those kinds of concerns, they very definitely ought to report them. But it was never a comfortable position for the teacher, or the administrator, for that matter, even if nothing was going on, as nothing was in this case. But there would be oversight now, always, between him and Cleo. "It's awkward," he admitted, when Selina asked, well, started to ask if that was okay. "And feels like I'm not trusted with my own student, but yes, I understand the necessity, for both our protection, and the elves are less intrusive than anyone else." He shifted in his seat uncomfortably, not enjoying this line of conversation at all.

He nodded, feeling more comfortable - at least in relative measures - as the topic shifted to Cleo herself, as a person. "Yes, of course," he agreed with feeling. "Absolutely. She's a great kid. I want to help her through this with as much normality as we possibly can."

Nathan looked mildly uncomfortable at Selina's obvious surprise at his dating status and partner, but fortunately she disavowed any need to know about it, so he didn't feel compelled to try to justify the obvious mismatches between their ages, backgrounds, races, and past experiences to his effective boss. "Oh, okay. Good. I mean, we keep it discrete, because we don't want the students talking about us and speculating, but I don't mind you knowing. Our three year anniversary is in just a few days." He smiled faintly in memory. They counted the potted plant gift as the starting point of their courtship, even though Nathan hadn't termed it dating until later. But that had undeniably been the start of it.

  • Selina waited, letting Nathan let it all out. It was no thankfully. In spite of his panicking, she was pretty sure of that. She felt lost in spite of it. She had had no idea how Nathan was going to... more
    • Couldn't agree more - Nathan, Fri Jan 19 22:36
      • Right. Well then. - Selina, Sat Jan 20 10:26
        He got it. That, surely, was half the battle. There was a whole barrage of issues to deal with here… Some people might not take it seriously - or rather, wouldn’t be able to see the danger they... more
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