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Rory Taransay
Not sure if I'll be of any help
Wed Oct 12, 2016 09:30 (XFF:,

Rory leaned back in his chair and, raising his arms above his head, stretched. He’d lost track of time whilst working, and was surprised to see that it was after 10pm. He’d received several owls that day, replies from friends offering the uses of various creatures for his lessons, and had decided to sit down and spend the whole evening sorting out exactly what he planned to teach over the term.

It had been a successful evening’s work, he reckoned. He was fairly happy with what he planned to do with all of his classes, and he’d replied to the various owls confirming dates. It was definitely useful, knowing people he could rely on to make lessons more interesting! There were already some animals at Sonora but obviously not all types, and Rory’s main aim was to make sure his students had as much hands-on time as possible.

Standing up, he decided to go and read in the staff lounge for a while before going to bed, wanting to get out of work mode to make it easier to fall asleep. He picked up his latest purchase, a book on Demiguises, creatures that he found particularly fascinating. Getting out of work mode definitely didn’t mean stopping thinking about his favourite subject, magical creatures! When he was younger, Rory had been a big fan of fiction books (particularly those featuring animals and explorers), but these days he was more likely to be found learning some obscure fact about some obscure animal.

Arriving at the lounge, Rory immediately toed off his shoes, preferring to be in socks so he could properly sprawl out on the sofa. He was dressed pretty casually, in jeans and a slightly faded blue t-shirt, a gift from his older sister a few years back. Orla always enjoyed finding ridiculous animal t-shirts for Rory and this one was no exception, with a picture of a whale on it and the caption ‘whale hello there’.

Stepping further into the room, Rory realised that someone – Amelle – was currently relaxing on one of the sofas in front of the fire. She didn’t seem to have noticed him, and with a fond smile, he wondered if she was asleep. Rory didn’t really know exactly what was going on between him and Amelle. They got on well together, that was sure, and he thought there might even be a hint of something more between them. He often found himself thinking of her as more than just a friend, although he didn’t knew if she actually felt the same way. However, he did know he had to tread carefully. A casual relationship with a colleague could have the potential to end very awkwardly, especially at a boarding school, and besides he didn’t want that sort of relationship, for himself or for Amelle. She deserved more than that, and he wanted more than that. It wasn’t just the physical side of a relationship that tempted him. He wanted someone he could laugh with, share problems with, curl up with in the evenings, and hopefully even grow old with.

Collapsing at the other end of Amelle’s couch, Rory had just opened his book when Amelle’s sudden realisation of his presence made him jump too! Her giggles were infectious and he found himself joining in the laughter. “I thought you might be asleep,” he replied, his chuckles subsiding to just a grin. “What’re you doing here at this time of night?”

  • Trouble Sleeping (Teacher's Lounge) - Amelle Nicchi, Tue Oct 11 19:11
    It was a little after ten o’clock at night when Amelle entered the staff lounge to make herself a cup of tea and relax. Since she was still waiting for students to sign up for the Library Helper... more
    • Not sure if I'll be of any help - Rory Taransay, Wed Oct 12 09:30
      • Merlin’s beard, it was Rory who caught her spaced out on the sofa! And even worse, it was Rory who just witnessed her reaction to being startled out of her own head. This was absolutely embarrassing... more
        • Rory frowned at Amelle’s response. “Fifteen hours a day? That doesn’t sound particularly healthy,” he replied, a little concerned. Fifteen hours a day was really too long for anyone to have to work... more
          • Amelle shrugged. “It’s why I haven’t been to any meals since the feast and only go to dinners when I do have helpers.” Amelle explained. She really didn’t have any options regarding her work hours.... more
            • Let's hope it's not depressing at all - Rory, Sun Oct 16 05:00
              Well, that settled it. Rory had noticed Amelle’s reduced feast presence, but had thought that maybe he just hadn’t been at Sonora long enough to know the habits of his colleagues, even those of... more
              • I would say it's the exact opposite - Amelle, Sun Oct 16 14:47
                Amelle was a little jealous of his life style outside of Sonora and his life prior to Sonora. She had started working at Sonora was she was like nineteen, so she didn’t have much experience of any... more
                • And I'm far from depressed too! - Rory, Mon Oct 17 15:06
                  “Well, you’ll have to come with me on my travels at some point then,” Rory suggested. He’d love to take Amelle with him and show her all the wonderful creatures that he loved so much. His work was so ... more
                  • Good, I'm glad we feel the same! - Amelle, Mon Oct 17 16:30
                    Amelle’s eyebrows shot up at Rory’s invitation for her to travel with him. Amelle didn’t really know what his traveling entailed. Would it be like camping around dangerous animals? Was it a group of... more
                    • You have no idea how relieved I am! - Rory, Wed Oct 19 14:56
                      “Hey, no need to look so alarmed,” Rory laughed, amused by Amelle’s reaction to his camping suggestion. “I wouldn’t let you get hurt,” he assured her. Seeing Matthias Gould’s unfortunate accident had ... more
                      • Amelle relaxed as Rory laughed off her expression. She must have looked more terrified at the idea of traveling than she had thought. That didn’t surprise her too much though as Amelle sometimes wore ... more
                        • Comfortable enough to fall asleep? - Rory, Mon Oct 24 16:17
                          Planning a camping trip was now officially on Rory’s list of things to do, and he was going to find the perfect place. Hopefully by next summer Amelle would feel confident enough to travel somewhere... more
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