Oh yeah?
Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:29

For a second Daniel just stared at her uncomprehendingly. Then the penny dropped. "Oh. Oh! Oh no. No." He shook his head quickly in denial. "No. I've never even seen her in office hours, never mind - no. Nothing like that." His eyes widened in sudden realization of how his opening statements must have sounded if that was the kind of thing Selina was asking everyone about. "I am so sorry. I have nothing to declare about that. I mean, I've noticed she was pretty, but I'm from Hollywood. My parents are both actors. Appearance is the first thing I notice about anyone. It doesn't affect how I treat her. I try not to touch anyone at all - well, except Jasmine, in private, in totally niece-appropriate ways - because I don't want to encourage student crushes on me. She's a middling student at best, with no drive to improve her grades, so I don't really pay too much personal attention to her except to make sure she isn't burning anything down. But, I don't know. DADA professor. Veelas are in my curriculum. I just, even if there weren't obvious signs this early, it just, I felt like I'd messed up by not realizing it."

He took a deep breath and calmed himself down, thinking hard over the past year, trying to remember if there actually had been any other signs besides the fire. "I can't remember there being any other indications, obvious or otherwise. She is more fire prone than Jozua, but that could have been explained by their relative ages, and his better mastery with a wand - actually, there are times, I wonder if Jozua isn't doing it on purpose, but I can't prove that - but even the accidental fire wasn't really remarkable enough that it seemed indicative of anything more than poor wand control. She seems to prefer the company Parker Fitzgerald more than anyone else, as best as I can tell, but I haven't seen any signs that they're anything more than friends. I wouldn't exclude a schoolboy crush or admiring looks, but nothing that isn't normal for the age with an attractive classmate. I'll keep an eye out, especially now that she's going into intermediates."

"I assume we'll have some kind of oversight from here on out?" he guessed. "Elves, ghosts, a portrait, someone just keeping an eye on her classes in case something does come up and someone gets compromised?"

  • There might be about to be a second one - DH Skies, Sat Jan 20 11:11
    Her third interview was Daniel. She had decided to do these in the order in which they were most likely to have something awful to tell her. Nathan had been an obvious first, and she felt a huge... more
    • Oh yeah? - Daniel, Sat Jan 20 12:29
      • Had her desperation for a Defence professor blinded her, she wondered, or had Daniel simply not been anywhere near this weird or vapid when she had interviewed him? Dear. Merlin. She really wished he ... more
        • Can we avoid both those outcomes? - Daniel, Sat Jan 20 23:05
          Daniel nodded in understanding as she confirmed elves or ghosts would be sitting in on his intermediate classes this year. "Yeah, they're in the sentient creature unit, with werewolves and vampires,... more
          • Seems to be moving that way - Selina, Sun Jan 21 18:53
            “That sounds like a good plan, thank you,” she nodded, as Daniel explained that he’d leave them off this year, and they’d work out an action plan for the future. He was still very… Defence Professor... more
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