I'm either going to have a heart attack or break your nose
Sat Jan 20, 2018 13:44

Had her desperation for a Defence professor blinded her, she wondered, or had Daniel simply not been anywhere near this weird or vapid when she had interviewed him? Dear. Merlin. She really wished he would stop talking. She didn’t want to know that he knew Cleo was pretty (and that Jozua wasn’t) - yes, they all noticed that some students weren’t winners in that regard, but they didn’t frequently comment on it - and she’d forgotten that Jasmine was his niece until he clarified that, so could have done without the momentary palpitations that caused. On the plus side, even though he was irritatingly aware of his own good looks (rarely an attractive quality), he seemed to at least have some sense regarding them. And nothing had happened with Cleo.

“Right. Good,” she managed, when Daniel finished his extensive ‘no.’ The Parker Problem had been raised by Cleo’s father too. But she didn’t think there was anything to be gained by discussing it individually with Daniel. Isis, maybe. She was Parker’s Head of House… Just to remind her to look out for him too. She wasn’t sure whether Cleo would tell him, but whether she did or not, their relationship was about to get very confusing. “Thank you for the information,” was all she said to Daniel about it.

“Elves most likely. Ghosts maybe. They could shock people back to their senses. Not sure a painting shouting at someone will do much against the lure of a veela. Ghosts though… They hang around. Students are used to seeing them about. Might be helpful as a way of having her supervised a bit more subtly…. Thank you,” she added, deciding that perhaps panic made people stupid, and giving Daniel back a little of the credibility he’d lost in the opening minutes of their conversation. Compromised, was also a usefully delicate word.

“About the fact they’re in your curriculum… Are they covered in intermediate classes? Apparently one of the casualties of the summer was Cleo’s first copy of her Defence text book, but I wasn’t sure whether it was a topic you cover, or it just had… passing references. The things it had to say about veela were… Well, from a Defence perspective. It doesn’t exactly make for pleasant reading.”

  • Oh yeah? - Daniel, Sat Jan 20 12:29
    For a second Daniel just stared at her uncomprehendingly. Then the penny dropped. "Oh. Oh! Oh no. No." He shook his head quickly in denial. "No. I've never even seen her in office hours, never mind - ... more
    • I'm either going to have a heart attack or break your nose - Selina, Sat Jan 20 13:44
      • Can we avoid both those outcomes? - Daniel, Sat Jan 20 23:05
        Daniel nodded in understanding as she confirmed elves or ghosts would be sitting in on his intermediate classes this year. "Yeah, they're in the sentient creature unit, with werewolves and vampires,... more
        • Seems to be moving that way - Selina, Sun Jan 21 18:53
          “That sounds like a good plan, thank you,” she nodded, as Daniel explained that he’d leave them off this year, and they’d work out an action plan for the future. He was still very… Defence Professor... more
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