Can we avoid both those outcomes?
Sat Jan 20, 2018 23:05

Daniel nodded in understanding as she confirmed elves or ghosts would be sitting in on his intermediate classes this year. "Yeah, they're in the sentient creature unit, with werewolves and vampires, though they have a shorter class discussion than either of those, taking only about half a period, while those both get two or three full periods. But veelas, yeah, not really something that I'd want to talk about the way I did last year, if there's one in the room taking the class." He winced slightly at the thought.

"This year, I can probably just leave them out. The fifth years covered them last year, so they'll be all right for their CATS. There may be a question or two on the prep exams at the end of the year, but for now the topic can be avoided, while she gets used to the idea. It really ought to be covered next year though, and not just for testing reasons - the rest of the kids really need learn what they can do to defend themselves from that kind of attack, especially if there is one in their midst. That's my job, teaching kids how to defend themselves from magical threats that they might run across in the wizarding world. As that gets closer, I can go over my lecture notes with you beforehand, maybe suggest she not be there that day, but I'd be remiss in my teaching if those in her year and the year directly above and below did not get a very strong lesson on how to protect themselves from a veela."

He realized he was assuming he'd still be here next year, but this 'temporary' job he'd taken on was starting to look more and more permanent. He hadn't gotten any better offers in a year and a half, and neither had the school hired an actual DADA teacher in that time. But he doubted any other DADA professor would be inclined to think differently on this point, if he did get replaced.

  • Had her desperation for a Defence professor blinded her, she wondered, or had Daniel simply not been anywhere near this weird or vapid when she had interviewed him? Dear. Merlin. She really wished he ... more
    • Can we avoid both those outcomes? - Daniel, Sat Jan 20 23:05
      • Seems to be moving that way - Selina, Sun Jan 21 18:53
        “That sounds like a good plan, thank you,” she nodded, as Daniel explained that he’d leave them off this year, and they’d work out an action plan for the future. He was still very… Defence Professor... more
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