I suppose it is at that, at least this year
Sun Feb 11, 2018 14:18

The prefect meeting could have gone worse, Zevalyn supposed. The duties expected of her were not particularly onerous or difficult. Some patrols. Being available to help people. That kind of thing. And, dude, she could dock house points under certain circumstances. That was like real power. She doubted she'd actually have the guts to do it, at least not until she felt more comfortable in the badge, but the option was there if she came upon trouble while on patrol. How cool was that?

Of course, the other thing that came up in the meeting was that the needed to lead the dance at the ball. She remembered Headmaster Brockert had mentioned a ball at the Feast, but it hadn't meant much to her as she hadn't been here for the first one all of the other prefects had attended.

She walked out of the meeting with Georgia, frowning thoughtfully as she considered this dilemma. Maybe Jozua? She knew him from Dueling Club, but she was pretty sure he was seeing Lily, so probably not him. Um . . . otherwise, she knew Georgia and um . . . she'd made the acquaintance of the two second year Aladrens trying to figure out which one of them was Gary Harper but she wasn't going to go to the dance with a twelve year old, so they were both out.

She laughed shortly as Georgia questioned the worth of being a prefect in its entirety. "Well, for me, it was acknowledgement that I'd caught up with everyone else," she answered the literal question posed to her.

As to the actual meat of the whole problem . . . "No idea. You're basically the only person I talk to much. Jozua, a bit, because I'm in his club, but . . . he's dating Lily, isn't he?" she asked, lowering her voice as she glanced toward the Pecari prefect. They seemed to sit together an awful lot at least. "I haven't really met many sixth years, having started late, so I might have to see if any of the fourth years are interested. But no, no idea really how to dance. Took ballet in first grade, but nothing since then. What about you?"

  • Georgia had to say that the realities of being a prefect were not living up to the hype she had initially felt. In fact, she was coming out of their first meeting with Professor Skies feeling... more
    • I suppose it is at that, at least this year - Zevalyn, Sun Feb 11 14:18
      • “That’s really cool,” she smiled, when Zevalyn pointed out the plus side of being a prefect from her point of view. “I guess having it vaguely endorsed that I’m a decently responsible human,... more
        • Zevalyn nodded in agreement that validation of responsibility and lack of prejudice was nice, then laughed a little when this was posed against needing to dance in front of everybody. “I can’t speak... more
          • Got anyone in mind to talk about? - Georgia, Thu Feb 22 08:03
            OOC - I’m going to kind of overlook your line about Jozua being ‘a disaster’ as in Transfig Georgia remarks on the whole dance thing and prefect getting ‘better and better’ and in the first post of... more
            • OOC: Okay, that's fine. BIC: Zevalyn laughed at Georgia's joke not to make her mad. "Well, no," she agreed that she had no intention of 'going nuclear' on anyone, "but it is good practice, and I'll... more
              • It's good to be prepared - Georgia, Sat Mar 3 09:27
                “Maybe,” she reiterated, when Zevalyn said she should ask Kir. “I think I’ll keep thinking about it for a bit…” she shrugged. Ok, so that was a bad plan in that all the available guys could get... more
                • I’m a proper girl scout over here - Zevalyn, Wed Mar 14 11:31
                  “Okay,” Zevalyn agreed, not pushing Georgia since she didn’t seem willing to try asking anyone out yet. “There’s still time,” she reassured, as much for herself as for Georgia. She’d been in ‘as... more
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