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If nothing else, you've brightened my day
Wed Oct 12, 2016 19:43

Merlin’s beard, it was Rory who caught her spaced out on the sofa! And even worse, it was Rory who just witnessed her reaction to being startled out of her own head. This was absolutely embarrassing for her. Thankfully the room was dark for the blush that had entered her cheeks wasn’t likely to be seen by the fire light. Amelle did not want to look foolish around Rory, but thankfully he just picked up on her laughter and joined in, making her feel less self-conscious about her reaction. She hadn’t expected anyone to come into the lounge this late in the evening, but she found herself pleased that Rory had joined her.

She really didn’t know what was going on between the two of them. She enjoyed spending time with him on a level that was different than her friends. She knew that she was attracted to him (and really, who wouldn’t be?) but it was more than that. Amelle looked forward to seeing him. Currently, with him sitting near her she felt butterflies in her stomach which she knew was caused by both excitement and nervousness. Over the summer break, Amelle had realized that she had missed him. She missed talking to him and spending time with him. She truly regretted not giving him her address to write to her as she felt that would have given her something to look forward to.

Amelle knew that work relationships were difficult but the more time she spent around him, the more she found herself having deeper feelings for him. She tried not to since she was uncertain about how he was feeling and she didn’t want to make anything weird between them, but he had been such an uplift in spirit that she needed. Amelle continued to smile as Rory addressed her, feeling unable to stop with him here with her. “I think I was quite possibly on the way to drifting off.” Amelle admitted with a sheepish shrug. Considering how difficult sleep was coming to her these last few days, it was no surprise that she sits down in the lounge and start to drift off here.

She sighed at Rory’s question and stretched out her limbs. “I just needed to get out of the library.” She admitted, turning in her seat to face him more and curling her legs beneath her to get more comfortable. “I spend fifteen hours a day in there currently since I do not have my helpers yet and can’t leave during the open hours.” Amelle explained. “And I can’t sleep at night, so I feel like I’m going stir crazy.” She added, giving a small laugh at how pathetic that sounded. “How come you’re up this late?”

  • Not sure if I'll be of any help - Rory Taransay, Wed Oct 12 09:30
    Rory leaned back in his chair and, raising his arms above his head, stretched. He’d lost track of time whilst working, and was surprised to see that it was after 10pm. He’d received several owls that ... more
    • If nothing else, you've brightened my day - Amelle, Wed Oct 12 19:43
      • Rory frowned at Amelle’s response. “Fifteen hours a day? That doesn’t sound particularly healthy,” he replied, a little concerned. Fifteen hours a day was really too long for anyone to have to work... more
        • Amelle shrugged. “It’s why I haven’t been to any meals since the feast and only go to dinners when I do have helpers.” Amelle explained. She really didn’t have any options regarding her work hours.... more
          • Let's hope it's not depressing at all - Rory, Sun Oct 16 05:00
            Well, that settled it. Rory had noticed Amelle’s reduced feast presence, but had thought that maybe he just hadn’t been at Sonora long enough to know the habits of his colleagues, even those of... more
            • I would say it's the exact opposite - Amelle, Sun Oct 16 14:47
              Amelle was a little jealous of his life style outside of Sonora and his life prior to Sonora. She had started working at Sonora was she was like nineteen, so she didn’t have much experience of any... more
              • And I'm far from depressed too! - Rory, Mon Oct 17 15:06
                “Well, you’ll have to come with me on my travels at some point then,” Rory suggested. He’d love to take Amelle with him and show her all the wonderful creatures that he loved so much. His work was so ... more
                • Good, I'm glad we feel the same! - Amelle, Mon Oct 17 16:30
                  Amelle’s eyebrows shot up at Rory’s invitation for her to travel with him. Amelle didn’t really know what his traveling entailed. Would it be like camping around dangerous animals? Was it a group of... more
                  • You have no idea how relieved I am! - Rory, Wed Oct 19 14:56
                    “Hey, no need to look so alarmed,” Rory laughed, amused by Amelle’s reaction to his camping suggestion. “I wouldn’t let you get hurt,” he assured her. Seeing Matthias Gould’s unfortunate accident had ... more
                    • Amelle relaxed as Rory laughed off her expression. She must have looked more terrified at the idea of traveling than she had thought. That didn’t surprise her too much though as Amelle sometimes wore ... more
                      • Comfortable enough to fall asleep? - Rory, Mon Oct 24 16:17
                        Planning a camping trip was now officially on Rory’s list of things to do, and he was going to find the perfect place. Hopefully by next summer Amelle would feel confident enough to travel somewhere... more
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