Got anyone in mind to talk about?
Thu Feb 22, 2018 08:03

OOC - I’m going to kind of overlook your line about Jozua being ‘a disaster’ as in Transfig Georgia remarks on the whole dance thing and prefect getting ‘better and better’ and in the first post of this thread, it says they’ve just had their first meeting about being prefects with DH Skies for her to drop the ball-shell on them, so this presumably would have to have happened first.

“Well, remind me not to make you pissed either,” Georgia teased, when Zevalyn pointed out that she was in the duelling club. “But you only do it cos you think it’s like extra homework. Not cos you actually want to go nuclear on anyone’s ass,” she pointed out.

“Ok. So… maybe I’ll ask him?” she shrugged, when Zevalyn seemed to suggest that dancing with a fourth year wouldn’t be total social suicide. Although she thought that a gay twiglet fourth year was probably pushing it. But pretty much all the guys at Sonora tended towards the lean and/or buff side. The only slightlier chunky one was Jozua, who was already a firm ‘no,’ so she was probably going to look kind of fat whoever she danced with because… well, on account of being kind of fat.

“Sure. When I have one, I’ll let you know. Urgh, and there’s dresses to think about. It’s like super formal,” she warned Zevalyn, seeing as she hadn’t been to the last one (luckily, which meant she hadn’t witnessed Georgia’s sartorial humiliation). “When they say ball, they mean it. I have no idea what suits me. Apart from probably nothing. But like… there must be some things that will look less horrific than others.”

  • Zevalyn nodded in agreement that validation of responsibility and lack of prejudice was nice, then laughed a little when this was posed against needing to dance in front of everybody. “I can’t speak... more
    • Got anyone in mind to talk about? - Georgia, Thu Feb 22 08:03
      • OOC: Okay, that's fine. BIC: Zevalyn laughed at Georgia's joke not to make her mad. "Well, no," she agreed that she had no intention of 'going nuclear' on anyone, "but it is good practice, and I'll... more
        • It's good to be prepared - Georgia, Sat Mar 3 09:27
          “Maybe,” she reiterated, when Zevalyn said she should ask Kir. “I think I’ll keep thinking about it for a bit…” she shrugged. Ok, so that was a bad plan in that all the available guys could get... more
          • I’m a proper girl scout over here - Zevalyn, Wed Mar 14 11:31
            “Okay,” Zevalyn agreed, not pushing Georgia since she didn’t seem willing to try asking anyone out yet. “There’s still time,” she reassured, as much for herself as for Georgia. She’d been in ‘as... more
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