We, the undersigned, demand danger money. Seems fair.
Fri Feb 23, 2018 07:01

“Hm,” Selina frowned, as Gray explained the sparks. “That does seem more like something he’d do by accident - I mean, I can’t imagine him wanting to do that to Lily. Hopefully not to most of his classmates to be honest, but especially not her.” Had she been too harsh on him, and the rest of the intermediates? “But really, he should have nonsense like that under control, especially if it’s nothing to do with Cleo,” she added, as Gray explained that the incident definitely seemed unrelated.

“So… Our conclusion is what? Cleo’s… ‘fine,’” she used air quotes to demonstrate that she knew this was a relative value of ‘fine’ that did not really encompass Cleo’s overall wellbeing but merely the fact that she was inciting her yearmates to set fire to things. “But Jozua has turned into some kind of horrible problem child? I mean… more so,” she clarified. On the plus side, that meant it was less her problem and more- oh. Damn. Again. How and why did this keep happening? She glanced around, checking that neither Nathan nor Isis was in eashot, and lowering her voice anyway as she muttered to Gray.

“Do you think Nathan’s just cursed? Surely Teppenpaws, and sweet little girls who like gardening, should not normally be this much of a handful?”

  • Gray frowned slightly in thought as Selina described the situation in her room in more detail, and her suspicions that Jozua was perhaps lying about the source of his trouble. He had seemed very... more
    • We, the undersigned, demand danger money. Seems fair. - Selina, Fri Feb 23 07:01
      • When Selina began glancing around, Gray was momentarily nervous, worried about what was going to come up now , but it just turned out to be semi-serious (at least he hoped it was only semi-serious)... more
        • Seems reasonable - Selina, Fri Feb 23 10:25
          “Wait until you teach the children of the first set of children you taught. That’s a super fun one. Wait until you have colleagues born the same year as your own children,” Selina retorted, when Gray ... more
          • Excellent. I’ll gather the cavalry. - Gray, Fri Feb 23 20:10
            It took Gray a moment to catch the implication in what Selina was saying, and then he looked surprised. Due to his glasses and none-too-distinguished chin, he knew this was an absurd look on him.... more
            • And wine. Wine would be good. - Selina, Fri Mar 2 20:25
              “Thank you,” Selina said, deciding to take what Grayson had said as a compliment. When that sort of remark came from children, it usually meant that they hadn’t considered their teachers might be... more
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