No, but if it happens, I'll know where to go
Fri Feb 23, 2018 14:43

OOC: Okay, that's fine. BIC:

Zevalyn laughed at Georgia's joke not to make her mad. "Well, no," she agreed that she had no intention of 'going nuclear' on anyone, "but it is good practice, and I'll be glad for it if I ever find myself in a dark alley at night or something." She wasn't exactly sure what the statute of secrecy said about acts of self-defense, but there had to be exceptions for that sort of thing. And even just knowing she had magic would make her more confident and less scared should anyone try to mug her, especially once she learned apparition for real.

Zevalyn nodded. "You do that," she encouraged the asking of Kir. "And if he says no, then it's because he's gay and there's nothing you can do about that, right?"

She frowned at the news that the ball was super formal. "Like a prom?" she guessed, putting it in terms she understood. "I guess I'll have to get a dress over Christmas - I can finally go home this year, I think!" By midterm, Zevalyn expected to be completely on target, and while CATS review would have taken over playing catch up, it wasn't so urgent that she couldn't take a couple weeks break from school for once. "Do you think you'd be allowed to visit me, and we can go shopping together?"

  • Got anyone in mind to talk about? - Georgia, Thu Feb 22 08:03
    OOC - I’m going to kind of overlook your line about Jozua being ‘a disaster’ as in Transfig Georgia remarks on the whole dance thing and prefect getting ‘better and better’ and in the first post of... more
    • No, but if it happens, I'll know where to go - Zevalyn, Fri Feb 23 14:43
      • It's good to be prepared - Georgia, Sat Mar 3 09:27
        “Maybe,” she reiterated, when Zevalyn said she should ask Kir. “I think I’ll keep thinking about it for a bit…” she shrugged. Ok, so that was a bad plan in that all the available guys could get... more
        • I’m a proper girl scout over here - Zevalyn, Wed Mar 14 11:31
          “Okay,” Zevalyn agreed, not pushing Georgia since she didn’t seem willing to try asking anyone out yet. “There’s still time,” she reassured, as much for herself as for Georgia. She’d been in ‘as... more
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