Excellent. I’ll gather the cavalry.
Fri Feb 23, 2018 20:10

It took Gray a moment to catch the implication in what Selina was saying, and then he looked surprised. Due to his glasses and none-too-distinguished chin, he knew this was an absurd look on him. “Really?” he said without thinking. “Huh. Wouldn’t have thought that.” Which was more because it was difficult to think of his colleagues here having such elaborate lives off the school compound than because Selina looked dramatically younger than his mother, but he had enough sense not to clarify. “Still - I accept your argument and withdraw that remark.”

John Umland...aside from presumably being related to Joe, the name rang a bell - oh! He’d been one of the seventh years the term Gray had started teaching. Gray wouldn’t have remembered him particularly except he had been odd even by Aladren standards - withdrawn into his own world to the point it was hard to tell if he’d ever heard a word Gray had said, but given to performing with almost openly contemptuous ease. Which would explain Selina’s comment nicely, so he probably was correctly matching the person and the name.

“Not that I’ve noticed,” said Gray of Joe. “As far as I can tell he’s completely reformed and a model citizen.”

Gray nodded at the summation. “Maybe Pecari too, since Lily’s been somehow involved twice...maybe that could make it at least partially Isis’ problem.” Cursed water would also probably fall into her court, but a good rule of conversational thumb was not to point that kind of thing out.

  • Seems reasonable - Selina, Fri Feb 23 10:25
    “Wait until you teach the children of the first set of children you taught. That’s a super fun one. Wait until you have colleagues born the same year as your own children,” Selina retorted, when Gray ... more
    • Excellent. I’ll gather the cavalry. - Gray, Fri Feb 23 20:10
      • And wine. Wine would be good. - Selina, Fri Mar 2 20:25
        “Thank you,” Selina said, deciding to take what Grayson had said as a compliment. When that sort of remark came from children, it usually meant that they hadn’t considered their teachers might be... more
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